George's Chop House

2008/05/12 15:08:22
Last Friday my wife and I had dinner at[url='']George's Chop House[/url] on Madison's west side and it was very good. We started with a sesame-crusted ahi tuna appetizer (4 slices served rare with a small ball of potent wasabi on the side) and salad for her and clam chowder for me. For our entrees I had a 12 oz. piece of prime rib (sells for $1.50/oz on Fridays and Saturdays; I asked for "as rare as you have" and was given med. rare) with rice pilaf and she had pot roast in a port wine sauce with mashed sweet potatoes. The prime rib had good flavor and was quite tender, and my wife said the pot roast was excellent. Even the bread was good; flavorful with a hint of asiago cheese in the crust and accompanied by whipped butter in a pool of garlic olive oil. In fact, I could've made a meal out of the soup and bread alone, and judging by the amount of beef I took home that's about what I did...

It's right next to a Holiday Inn so it has a bit of a captive audience, but if the rest of the menu is as good as what we had I have no doubt it could succeed on its own merits. My wife had a glass of wine and I had soda and we skipped dessert, so after tax the bill came in just under $52 but I had a $50 certificate that I'd purchased for $25 so dinner was really reasonable. Plus then I tipped just on the $2 that came out of my pocket...OK, I'm kidding about that.

It's tough for me to think of a steakhouse as roadfood but I guess since it's next to a hotel it provides food for a lot of people who've just gotten off the road...

RE: George's Chop House 2008/05/13 14:53:37
hey Brad...I don't think that just because it's next to a hotel it's roadfood...take the newest steakhouse here in Latham, to I think a dumpy, and I do mean dumpy Quality Inn and Suites..just west of the Northway at exit 6. The restaurant if fine dining in all the glory of spending well over $50 per person without tax or tip...or drinks...menus don't even list prices..
Take a look here:

Reviews have been basically good...but it's one of the priciest places around.

Just my thoughts

RE: George's Chop House 2008/05/19 08:12:11
Just to add another note on Filet7West....a friend went there the other night along with 3 friends...3 drinks...and an appetizer for each shared by all...bill including tax, but before tip was $183....