2003/10/08 09:52:09
It appears that Skinhead's, a restaurant in Paducah, Kentucky that was reviewed in at least one of the Sterns' previous books, is no longer in business. I tried looking it up on the internet and was unable to do so. I called the telephone number provided for them in the Sterns' book and was told that I had dialed an incorrect number. When I was in Paducah yesterday, I tried looking them up in the phone book and was unable to find a listing. I drove to the address provided in the book and it is now the location of a restaurant called "The Greasy Spoon." I asked someone in Paducah about Skinhead's, and he told me that the owner sold the restaurant several years ago and retired. Too bad, because I ended up eating breakfast at a totally forgetable place called the Waffle Hut (not Waffle House). The OJ and the pancake syrup both tasted like they had been watered down.