Italian Ices (Pineapple or Chocolate)

Junior Burger
2008/05/13 22:42:18
Anyone know of anywhere you can get real Italian ices in the VA/DC/MD area? I grew up near The Ice King of Corona (made famous by Paul Simon & later - the opening segment of The King of Queens.)Haven't seen real Italian ices in 20 years!
RE: Italian Ices (Pineapple or Chocolate) 2008/05/19 14:28:09
bre- I know how you feel. I grew up with Ralph's Italian Ice and the King of Corona. I moved to FL and it is hard to find an Italian Ice. The only advice I can give you for your area is to try some pizza or Italian restaurants. They sometimes carry Italian ice, usually Gino's. I've been searching for quite a while here to find "REAL" Italian Ice. Good luck in your search!
RE: Italian Ices (Pineapple or Chocolate) 2008/05/20 07:12:05
The original Three Brothers, in Beltway Plaza Mall in Greenbelt MD, carries Italian ice and it's fairly authentic, IIRC. I'm not sure if the franchises carry it too, though, sorry.
Junior Burger
RE: Italian Ices (Pineapple or Chocolate) 2009/03/12 09:18:59
hmm...i am an ice cream addict..any ice cream flavors would do as long as its ICE CReaM...   but i love CHoCOLate ice cream topped with marshmallows and almond nuts...YUMMY

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RE: Italian Ices (Pineapple or Chocolate) 2009/03/12 10:13:30
I'm sorry Ladyzhenie, but what does your reply have anything to do with bre's asking where they can get ITALIAN ICES? it's not ice cream...