Chicken Butts

2008/05/14 08:17:47
I saw on Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern last night him eat grilled chicken butts,aka - part that went over the fence last or on a turkey aka pope's nose (no offense intended). It is my favorite part of the bird..wish I could buy them by without having to buy either the whole, half or quarter of the bird...oh well...perhaps some of the oriental markets sell them...I would make them similarly to how they did them last night in Taiwan....marinate, skewer and grill till crispy...

Doesn't get much better than that!!!
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RE: Chicken Butts 2008/05/14 12:21:03
Long ago, I visited some friends on Chesapeake Bay. We wanted to go crabbing, but the only bait we could find was a box of frozen turkey asses.
We caught many buckets of crabs, and a splendid time was had by all.
I don't mind feeding them to the crabs, but none for me, thanks.
RE: Chicken Butts 2008/05/14 12:56:51
i'm with you, Linda...i've posted before about my love for chicken/turkey butts! i'll take them any way i can get 'em, and although i've looked, i have yet to find them packaged in bulk at any market...
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RE: Chicken Butts 2008/05/14 22:27:36
So, what do they taste like...and please don't say it tastes like chicken.
RE: Chicken Butts 2008/05/15 09:35:55
Like a chicken wing...the middle joint but more skin and cartilage less meat...also, like a wing, they can be seasoned to taste whatever way you like...whether buffalo, teryaki..bbq....etc....turkey butts have more meat to them...since they are a bigger bird...and actually, might require a knife and fork.....

Sneetch, sometimes around Thankgiving...I've been able to buy packages of them....either just the turkey butt...or the whole back...I roast them for treat....I'm the cook...also, if you have any oriental markets, I've occasionally seen them sold there...

Rongmtek....we used to use chicken necks for crabbing when I was a kid.

Baah Ben
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RE: Chicken Butts 2008/05/15 09:43:49
Butt Linda, aren't they very tough?

In these foreign countries, they obviously store up these rear ends and sell them in packages like the sell wings...Looks like the Japanese are big butt eaters. I saw Tony B's Korea recent show and he was butt eating too! I've also seen him eat butt in Japan at those Yakatori places, too.

I believe in this country, since we do not have too many butt eaters, they wind up in our pet foods. Hey, it's all protein.
RE: Chicken Butts 2008/05/15 09:56:32
Buffalo Chicken Butts, The next food craz.
RE: Chicken Butts 2008/05/15 10:35:50
in african american neighborhoods they sell turkey butts as well as necks and gizzards
RE: Chicken Butts 2008/05/15 12:52:28
thanks linda - time to go to the huge oriental market on rt. 18 in new brunswick and see if they've got butts!