'wich, sandwich, sandwich, sandwich

Filet Mignon
2008/05/22 00:29:05
I've been back to 'wich (Tom Colichhio's sandwich restaurant in NYC) a few times recently. Although the bill is close to $10 for a (one) sandwich,(take-out) they are pretty interesting. Today I had a pork loin with tuna mayonnaise and cabbage slaw on a nice crusty roll.

The reasin I wroye sandwich 3 times was the desserts: ice cream sandwiches (vanilla on oatmeal cookie, chocolate on chocolate) and sandwich cookies (fresh peanut butter, chocoalte and oatmeal with great filling!) So how's that for a theme restaurant?
No Talent
RE: 'wich, sandwich, sandwich, sandwich 2008/05/22 02:41:19
He dropped into town a couple years ago. Set up shop on the street level of a 2 million square foot shopping mall right next to the front door of Bloomingdale's, kiddie corner from the major daily newspaper serving ten million people, posed for the photo ops, presented a menu that looked really interesting, and then left town, and I doubt, ever came back.

I tried it and couldn't believe what a failure the execution was. Tried it again a few months later, same thing.

I think he banked on his fame, but I would bet most people never heard of him that go in there.
It's the foot traffic. Anything there would do OK. What blows me away is that they pay those prices for mediocrity.
I think the key is no one in charge, everyone is paid minimum wage in a city that costs $1K to rent a room. Why would they care ? I don't blame them. Kids will be kids.
You're (not you, but people in NorCal) are paying for poetry on a menu board in an industrial chic (read minimalist) space.

Here's the good news;
Down the street is Frontera Fresco by Chef Rick Bayless
I think Rick is the King of Mexican (and that includes Mexicans)
But this casual, (order at the counter, food delivered to your table) is worse than 'witchcraft.
Basically you think you're getting Rick, you're paying for Chevy's, and getting 7-Eleven.