Best Sammiches in this College Town-Fatty Loafs

Double Chili Cheeseburger
2003/10/12 12:07:50
Three graduates of James Madison University in Harrisonburg Va. had supported their way through school by running a sandwhich and pizza place. Thankfully, they have moved here now and provide a much needed outlet for the all night munchies. Open from 11 am to 4 am every day, they have become a big hit in the Morgantown area. Known as Fatty Loafs, these guys are located on one of the side streets of downtown amidst the late night bars and a few student coffeehouses etc. Specials and menus are marked right on the store glass, drawing a stream of customers in constantly. The three fellas themselves are upbeat and funny, without being chirpy and false and they're even cool to this old broad here.

They feature a large variety of sandwhiches and wood fired pizzas and they do it right. Several steak hoagies with real medium thin sliced rib eye steaks instead of minced or pasteboard steakums. Gyros with homemade tsatlaki sauce(cucumber , yogurt, dill, green onion sauce), smoked off the bone deli ham, roast beef deli sliced that's again beefy and chewy, not slick and slimy; and smoked roasted turkey combos that sure satisfy. They also offer some unusual combo sandwhiches such as beef salami and pepperoni, along with other fare such as blt's etc. One who is of vegetarian persuasion will not go away unfed or unhappy here, the boys have a huge amount of vegetable combo's including those with portobellos, roasted peppers etc. The cheeseburgers, ohhhhhhh the cheeseburges with fresh formed ground chuck patties, covered in your choice of accoutrements, and a wonderful fresh grated horseradish homemade sauce....are by far the best ever had in this town. All sandwhiches come with a side order of uniquely wonderfully seasoned fresh cut fries.

The REAL that they serve up all these tasties on their own secret baked breads. Shaped like a football..........this bread is divine. Reminiscent of an Italian or French peasant bread, these are not soft,mushy, cakey buns and rolls, but a chewy, somewhat spongy, and what I think is olive oil imbued delight.

They also feature huge, laden salads with homemade dressing of your choice , including a REAL Caesar salad. Several appetizers, chicken wings and calamari also dot the menu and are all toothsome.

Their wood-fired pizzas are an extension of that wonderful bread, hand-tossed, chewy and smoky without being burned and hardened, and covered with a marinara like pizza sauce of their own concocting. Lots of toppings and good gooey cheese finish up these beauties.

The prices are right too, most expensive item on the menu being their Mania pizza with ALL their toppings on it , for 16.99, and if you eat a whole one by yourself in 45 minutes, you get that free too!

I gotta tell you, if you're ever in this neck of the woods, hop off the interstate and come downtown to see them. Tell 'em their Westover pal sent you.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Best Sammiches in this College Town-Fatty Loafs 2003/10/13 16:52:16
Yo, red.... How about an address to Fatty Loafs?
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Best Sammiches in this College Town-Fatty Loafs 2003/10/13 19:34:22
236 Walnut Street, Morgantown WV 26505
phone: 304-292-8333
RE: Best Sammiches in this College Town-Fatty Loafs 2003/10/14 14:04:56
Your description of the food at Fatty Loaf's is so good I can almost taste the food. If I am in the area, I will hop off the interstate. Sounds like a good spot for some really good late nite eating.