"Sweet Cream" Flavor

Maybe Once
Junior Burger
2008/05/29 17:06:42
I am a huge fan of "sweet cream" ice cream, which is properly made of just cream and sugar and nothing else. (like Vanilla, but without the vanilla, you know?) Growing up, I thought this was a peculiar specialty of this fabulous place we used to get ice cream -- in the back of a feed store in Southwick, MA. (The last time I went, I had to stand on top of a bag of animal feed and lean over a cage of rabbits to pay for my cone.) Imagine my horror to see "Sweet Cream" as the cornerstone flavor at Cold Stone Creamery.....bleh. Was this flavor more common than I knew? I've always bragged about it and tried to convert people to its charms via my own homemade sweet cream, but now am perversely annoyed by the notion of it being coopted by the Home of the Gummy Frozen Substance that Passes for Ice Cream.

Has anyone else experienced real "Sweet Cream" ice cream? Did I spend all those years thinking it was a local secret wrongly?

Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: "Sweet Cream" Flavor 2008/05/30 09:01:54
I never had the Sweet Cream flavor of ice cream until I went to Stone Cold Creamery and thats what I order.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: "Sweet Cream" Flavor 2008/05/30 10:40:56
I've never had it either and I don't go to stone cold because I hear they sing
Junior Burger
RE: "Sweet Cream" Flavor 2008/06/01 08:52:02
Mayfield has brought out a sweet butter creme, as of recent.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: "Sweet Cream" Flavor 2008/06/01 09:25:24
Sweet Cream is the "base" ice cream from which a parlor makes the rest of it flavors. They just simply add additional flavorings and ingredients, even if it's only vanilla, to this base ice cream.

I got this from a conversation I had with Amy Miller, founder of Amy's Ice Creams in Texas, and it was later confirmed by a couple of other shop owners.


It's indeed my favorite flavor, too.

RE: "Sweet Cream" Flavor 2008/06/01 09:53:00
The best local chain of stores in CT (Ashley's) has been making Sweet Cream Ice Cream for as long as I've lived in CT. Moved here in 1976 as a kid with my family.
RE: "Sweet Cream" Flavor 2008/06/01 10:04:31
Ice Cream Parlors of old (40's-50's) used to feature sweet cream...was great over banana's to this kid!!!
RE: "Sweet Cream" Flavor 2008/06/02 12:34:37
Robin Rose of Venice which is no longer in business (darn) had the BEST Sweet Cream ice cream. A scoop of RR's Sweet Cream on top of their Chocolate Raspberry Truffle and I was in heaven.

Coldstone's Sweet Cream is NOTHING like RR's.

I miss Robin Rose as it was the finest ice cream I've ever had.


I've had a lot!
Maybe Once
Junior Burger
RE: "Sweet Cream" Flavor 2008/06/06 12:36:14

Incidentally, I just found out that the "feed store ice cream" became an actual ice cream shop and moved just across the border into the Farmington Valley in CT. So, if you are in the area and curious, try the Sweet Cream ice cream at October Farms in Simsbury. (That is, if you can tear yourselves away from other local temples of butterfat like J.Fosters and Tulmeadow Farm.)
Kenny Joe
RE: "Sweet Cream" Flavor 2008/06/15 21:01:58
Sweet cream is my favorite flavor at Dave & Andy's, which is far and away Pittsburgh's best ice cream emporium. Unfortunately, sweet cream is not popular enough to be a "permanent" flavor, and it is only on the menu maybe 1 out of 4 visits. In part to increase its availability, I have tried to "sell" it to my friends, but usually unsuccessfully.
Whenever I travel, I try to visit the local homemade ice creams shops, but I do not recall ever seeing Sweet Cream anywhere but Dave & Andy's.
RE: "Sweet Cream" Flavor 2008/07/07 18:00:12
First ran across this "flavor" (simply the flavor of sweet cream & sugar) years ago at Hillary's Ice Cream at Manassas Mall, Manassas, VA. Didn't see it for several years until Cenla Perks in Alexandria, LA. Now Hagan Daz has made an attempt with a blend of cream, butter, and Hawaiian honey. Wouldn't go out of my way for it again.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: "Sweet Cream" Flavor 2008/07/09 15:51:59
Rancatore's Ice Cream in Belmont and in Lexington MA has fantastic Sweet Cream ice cream.

It's my favorite to have with their homemade hot fudge (warning it is thick fudge, if you are a thin fudge lover like some...).
Junior Burger
RE: "Sweet Cream" Flavor 2008/07/14 14:50:17
I just had some of the best Sweet Cream I've ever had in West Brattleboro at The Chelsea Royal Diner. An eating partner got it swirled with raspberries which was also really good.
RE: "Sweet Cream" Flavor 2008/07/15 22:00:47
You have plain milk, plain yogurt, plain cheeses. Why is plain (sweet cream) ice cream uncommon? The vast majority of us simply accept that our "plain" ice cream is vanilla. How did that happen and why the acceptance? Wake up to what plain ice cream really is, folks. Tell the world we don't need vanilla. Sweet cream lovers forward march!
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: "Sweet Cream" Flavor 2008/07/17 19:43:00
You sound like The Box Tops!
RE: "Sweet Cream" Flavor 2008/07/27 20:04:37
Originally posted by MellowRoast

You sound like The Box Tops!

Sweet cream ladies forward march
Think what you're providing
Sweet cream ladies show your starch
What's the use of hiding

Tell the socialites to look the other way
It's instinctive stimulation you convey
It's a necessary function
Meant for those without compunction
Who get tired of vanilla everyday