Joey Reynolds Cheesecake

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2008/05/30 18:48:43
Joey Reynolds Cheesecake

Has anyone actually tried this cheesecake from radio personality Joey Reynolds? Apparently it is available in NYC at Bloomingdales. I have not tried it and probably never will simply because he self destructs every single night on late night radio. It has made me suspicious.
Perhaps he is a better cook than a radio personality, but I doubt it. I would like opinions about the cheesecake from people who have tried it though.

Opinions about the radio show are also welcome.
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RE: Joey Reynolds Cheesecake 2008/05/31 05:47:00
Years ago I tried it,bought one from Bloomingdales, its a goood cheesecake, I tasted lime essence in it. He also has a cheesecake book, its very comprehensive, almost every cheesecake recipe you could think of is in it. I don't know how he does it, I give him credit, on the air 5 nights a week 5 or 6 hours a night! Has alot of New York stage performers on.
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RE: Joey Reynolds Cheesecake 2008/07/24 18:21:02
Well, I am glad you liked the cheesecake, it seems to be his signature one, the key lime Cheesecake. Actually the combination sounds very good. I would certainly try it.

As far as the cookbook, I think Myra Chanin wrote it as she is a food critic and a noted cookbook author. She is also a long time friend of Joey Reynolds and produces his late night radio show. If you listen to Joey, he is a functional illiterate and I think incapable of writing even a simple declarative sentence, let alone a cookbook.

You are right, Joey does 5 hours a night on WOR and is syndicated in hundreds of other markets nation wide. Then again all he competes with is a guy talking about little green men from Mars. He does have interesting guests, but he never lets them talk. Although he admits he is a recovering alcoholic, he is still the guy with the lamp shade on his head, endlessly annoying people way beyond last call.

The cheesecake may be good, but the radio program is the pits. The only reason I listen is my wife likes it for some unknown reason and I love my wife more than I detest Joey.

Still looking for more comments.
RE: Joey Reynolds Cheesecake 2008/10/19 01:00:21
My parents LOVE Joey's cheesecake. If you say the word cheesecake, they will say Joey Reynolds. I could not listen to his show. He spends most of the show apologizing to his guests, if he has said something to offend them. If I am trying to fall asleep, WFAN does the trick. All those sports fans, moaning and groaning about NYC sports, at 2 am. I am usually asleep by the third proposed trade of any given superstar.
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RE: Joey Reynolds Cheesecake 2008/10/19 08:33:43
No idea about his cheesecake.

You have to hand it to any radio personality who has endured (in other words, succeeded and survived) for the better part of 50 years.