Lil Chef in Brighton, Mi. gone.

2008/06/10 16:28:58
Driving around on business today, and found one of my favorite breakfast places gone. The "Lil Chef" on Grand River in Brighton Mi. is no more. I even turned around to look twice to be sure. The building is completely gone, and a new one is being built in its place. I don't know what it will be, but I'm guessing chain place of some sort.

This was a Saturday morning ritual 4 or 5 times a year for my friends to meet here on the way to events at the Rock financial Palace, and will be sorely missed. It was nothing fancy, but a large tasty breakfast at a reasonable price, with a good down home crowd. If anyone has further info about them possibly moving or reopening, I would love to hear it.
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RE: Lil Chef in Brighton, Mi. gone. 2008/07/18 18:45:11
the restaurant will be reopening in sept. of 2008 3/4 mile down the street going toward down town brighton next to the taco bell in the brookside mall thank you for your support scott steele
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RE: Lil Chef in Brighton, Mi. gone. 2008/07/21 10:53:39

Having spent a few summers in Brighton as a kid (Grandparents lived there) I was trying to recall where it was located?? I have three family members living on Grand River on the lake on the Howell side of town. Are they close??

Thanks for the update on the 'Move'!
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RE: Lil Chef in Brighton, Mi. gone. 2008/08/18 13:15:12
Yes, Lil Chef is closed. The site is going to be used to house an Olga's and a Starbuck's.
The good news is that they're going to reopen. It won't be a 24 hour place as far as I know. It is scheduled to reopen on the 22 of September.,-83.784828&spn=0.004522,0.007607&t=h&z=17

shows you the new site, it will be in the blue-roofed building - Brookside Mall.