Smoking - Start Cold or Warm?

Junior Burger
2003/10/15 15:01:22
Quick question... Is is better (using an electric water smoker) to start the smoker and placed the food to be smoked (in this case fish) on the rack immediately? Or is it better to let the smoker reach the desired temperature and THEN place the food in?

A related question--do the soaked woodchips go in immediately or once the smoker's at the desired temp?


Fire Safety Admin
RE: Smoking - Start Cold or Warm? 2003/10/15 15:28:31
Regarding using the wood chips with and electric smoker: I would advise putting them in before the unit gets hot because my instructions advised me to put the thoroughly soaked chips in between the coils. If you let the unit(coils) get hot, it is very difficult to maneuver.

I cannot help you with the fish as I have nver done that but when I use pork, beef or turkey or chicken, I put them in and turn it on. Does not seem to make any difference. I would imagine fish being easier to smkoe and would take less time.

I would bet the Mayor or Bushie would know.

Paul E. Smith
KNoxville, TN
Junior Burger
RE: Smoking - Start Cold or Warm? 2003/10/15 15:29:50
Thanks! Right now I'm waiting for the pellicle to form. Unless I hear otherwise, I put the fish and woodchips in and then start the smoker...