J D Hoyts in Mpls?

Ahi Mpls.
Double Cheeseburger
2008/06/23 09:44:38
Hi all! Has anyone been to Hoyts in the past year or so? some friends are coming to town and they want a big ol' GUYS STEAK NIGHT they don't want Mannys, Ruth Chris etc. I havn't beeen there in almost 4 years but Hoyts was always pretty darn YUM (ny strip black and blue) however; I've been hearing some ominous rumors lately such as NO MORE PRIME STEAKS!I've also heard that the wait staff is bonkers" /> and I'm wondering if any of you good people can shed some light. btw; I am LOVING this website I'd never even touched a computer 'til a month ago and now look at me; chatting with krazy food folks ; folks just like me