Buitoni Pizza Petition?

Junior Burger
2008/07/01 21:10:12
Who remembers these? Very thin crackly crust all around so they could go in the oven? Sort of like a round pizza pop tart. i heard there was a petiotion to bring those back, does anyone know if there is/ This would be the place to find out!
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Buitoni Pizza Petition? 2008/07/01 21:53:30
There was some wishful thinking around page four of the defunct frozen pizza thread:

Buitoni is now a Nestle brand. They own the Hot Pockets and Stouffers brands, which have pizza products.

As I mentioned in one of my posts on that thread, Buitoni got a patent (now long expired) for the process they used to make those pizzas. Thus anyone with enough bucks can produce them if Nestle is not interested.
Linda L 4444
Junior Burger
Re:Buitoni Pizza Petition? 2011/04/25 17:06:58
Join our group!  We're on a mission to bring 'em back!!!    
The Link won't show, but simply go to Facebook and search for:
Please bring back Buitoni Instant Pizza and you should find us  ... INVITE FRIENDS!

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