Poblano Peppers

2003/10/21 14:01:02
I found Poblano peppers in Publix food stores here in Florida. They are deep green, and shiny. I prick them with a fork at the top, wrap lightly in foil and bake till done, then remove the seeds. I stuff them with rice, and veggies..and then add a bit of cheese, and if I can find them..I will roll the pepper in a blue corn tortilla. I am planning to move West next year. The food is great.
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RE: Poblano Peppers 2003/10/21 14:14:38
Isn't that a chili relleno ??

I love them, but find it hard to find good ones in the Mexican resturants around here (SC).

I had some when I visited relatives in Corpus Christi Tx several years ago and just have not been able to find ones that tasted the same. I have not tried making my own yet !!!
RE: Poblano Peppers 2003/10/21 14:45:14
Poblanos........yummmmmm. Cut in half, remove seeds and roast or grill. Make a roasted corn/tomato/cilantro/tequila/lime salsa. Fry up some nice fat oysters. Make a little chipotle mayo and a little cilantro mayo. Put some salsa in each of the peppers, top with a sizzling oyster, garnish with a dollop of chipotle mayo and every-other-one with cilantro mayo. Sit back and eat and enjoy.
RE: Poblano Peppers 2003/10/30 17:24:58
I use poblanos as one of the three or four different kinds I use when I make Chile Verde( Green Chile)

I roast them and chop them up along with New Mexican green chiles and Serranos. I add onion and some garlic to this and stew it with pork on the stove for hours.

served by itself with warm tortillas, or over enchiladas and burittos, (what'll you have, red or green?) hey, that's like Iced tea in the south, sweet or reglar?