Ohio's "Gionino's" Pizza>?

2008/07/13 17:45:20
Just curious... As bad as Pizza Hut and the other cardboard with sparse toppings, or something a bit better


In Wisconsin, we have "Pizza Pit" which has various locations, but is just statewide, not a monster. "Gionino's" seems similar.
Russ Jackson
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Ohio's "Gionino's" Pizza>? 2008/07/13 18:11:40
I have gone to them many times and dont really care for it. But I would take it over Pizza Hut, Little Ceasears, Papa Johns, Cassanos, and Dominos...Russ
ann peeples
RE: Ohio's "Gionino's" Pizza>? 2008/07/14 16:37:09
Never heard of Pizza Pit in Wisconsin.Where are they located?
RE: Ohio's "Gionino's" Pizza>? 2008/07/14 17:41:48
Pizza Pit started on State Street in Madison in like 1969,but now they are all over the state,and I think they even have stores in Iowa.They opened the first year I attended the UW,and they did quite well by delivering anywhere on campus till late at night,even though the pizza was pretty average.
RE: Ohio's "Gionino's" Pizza>? 2008/07/14 17:42:40
Originally posted by annpeeples

Never heard of Pizza Pit in Wisconsin.Where are they located?

Have a look!
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RE: Ohio's "Gionino's" Pizza>? 2008/08/12 10:38:25
I have had this pizza several times. The one thing I noticed that I found really odd, is that if you get just a pepperoni pizza, the pepperoni is on top of the cheese. If you get more than one topping, and one of those is pepperoni, the pepperoni is under the cheese. It doesn't get cooked and is luke warm. Other than that, the pizza is pretty good.