Junior Burger
2008/07/15 13:17:23
Does anyone remember "POW WOW CHEESE PUFFS" made by the WYANDOT SNACK FOODS COMPANY of Marion Ohio? I loved these things! I have emailed the company, asking if there was a chance that these would ever be brought back. No reply yet. I was wondering how far they were distributed. If you ever had them, please let me know. THANKS
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RE: POW WOW CHEESE PUFFS 2008/12/01 22:43:42
HERE IS A MESSAGE THAT WAS SENT FROM THE WYANDOT SNACK FOODS COMPANY ABOUT THEM.... " Unfortunately Pow Wow is a discontinued brand; however, we sell the same product under the following labels:
Clancy’s at Aldi, Inc. stores
Hill Country Fare at H. E. Butt stores
Always Save brand in grocery stores in your area

Thanks for your interest in Wyandot snacks!"

So, the Great Product is still out there! Hope this helps!
Ort. Carlton.
Filet Mignon
RE: POW WOW CHEESE PUFFS 2008/12/01 23:03:14
Now, if you could only have somebody bring back Budwine, the whole world would be a happier place.
Pow Wow Cheese Puffs... they sound great!
Unsnackfully, Ort. "Trying To Lose Weight" Carlton in Phat Athens, Georgia.
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RE: POW WOW CHEESE PUFFS 2013/08/13 06:02:48
Hey Ort,
Yep, Pow Wow Cheese Puffs were the best! And they still are! Since my previous posts, I headed out to Aldies and got me some Clancy's Cheese Puffs and they are still the same Wonderful food that I remember from childhood! I couldn't believe that they are still around! Budwine sounds great as well! I never had it. I did some research on it online, hoping that, like a lot of vintage sodas, it had been brought back, but no luck so far. If I find out any good news about it, I will definately post it on here. Don't give up hope, there are tons of Vintage foods and drinks that have been brought back. Maybe if we could find out the ingredients, maybe there is a drink close to it's formulation that is still being produced. I will let you know what I find. Good Luck!  Chuck
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Re: POW WOW CHEESE PUFFS 2017/03/08 21:15:15
Yes remember. I have a picture of the Indian girl too. The site won't let me load it.
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Re: POW WOW CHEESE PUFFS 2017/03/08 21:16:15
I'm from Wilmington, Ohio. We had POW WOW here.
Re: POW WOW CHEESE PUFFS 2017/03/10 10:08:52
I never heard of Pow-Wow cheese puffs, but I do like their successor brand: Clancy's, available at a bargain price @ Aldi.
In search for a picture of the thread topic I did come across this fascinating collection of old food cans/boxes/containers.