Honey crust pizza

Junior Burger
2008/07/16 16:43:10
Years ago I was on a trip to Truro, Nova Scotia and had some of the best pizza I've ever eaten and I can't find anything else like it. Normally I prefer a thin crust and oftentimes will not eat my crusts. I had a pizza from a little pizza shop in a strip mall that promoted that their pizza was honey crust. It was incredible! Let me assure you that no crust went uneaten by me during that meal.

Ever since I've been looking for something similar and I have had no luck whatsoever.

Does anyone know of a place that makes a pizza with a honey crust? I live in the MD/DC area but would be willing to make a day trip for some pizza like that I had in Nova Scotia.

RE: Honey crust pizza 2008/07/17 21:59:26
I remember seeing a prebaked pizza crust in the bread dept at one of the grocery stores..I dont remember the brand name, but it was a honey crust.
Of course, it wont be the same, but, in a pinch?
Junior Burger
RE: Honey crust pizza 2008/07/17 23:24:32
Yes, the brand is Mama Mary's and they do carry them here. I've tried it and it's pretty good but you can barely taste the honey. The pizza I had in Nova Scotia had a definite sweet taste to the crust and it blended so well with the slightly spicy sauce and pepperoni.

Thanks, I appreciate your reply and hopefully someone else can help me find something closer.

Junior Burger
RE: Honey crust pizza 2008/07/22 19:12:52
Hey Chris,
If you want to make your own crust, try this recipe
I've made it a number of times in my bread machine and it is WONDERFUL!!!!
It freezes great too.