RIP - Aldrich's Dairy Beef & Ice Cream

Kenny Joe
2008/07/16 22:04:53
It has been acknowledged in this forum that the road between Pittsburgh and Buffalo (I-79/I-90) is a vast roadfood desert with very few oases.
There is now one less place to break the journey. Aldrich's Dairy Beef & Ice Cream, in Fredonia NY, has closed for good. Apparently, it shut down in September, 2007.
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Fire Safety Admin
Re:RIP - Aldrich's Dairy Beef & Ice Cream 2009/01/02 19:23:30
Kenny Joe-
I am completely unfamiliar with this place.  Can you please tell us more?
Kenny Joe
Re:RIP - Aldrich's Dairy Beef & Ice Cream 2009/01/02 22:06:24
I know nothing about Adrich's except what I learned from a few posts that I saw on Roadfood. It seemed to be an ice creamery connected to an actual dairy farm. It's claim to fame other than great ice cream was that every April Fool's day, it offered ridiculous sounding flavors, like pastrami. Whether the flavors were a put-on or not, I can't say.
Aldrich's is one of the few places between Pittsburgh & Buffalo that is mentioned favorably on Roadfood. I travel that route relatively frequently, so I eventually found it during a search. Unfortunately, by the time I visited, it had shut down. The day we went there, we called ahead to find out the closing time, which was 10 PM. It was close to 10, so we drove much faster than usual to get there in time. We got there at about 9:50, before Aldrich's Mini-Golf closed. But we had missed the ice cream by several months.