Boston Speed

Junior Burger
2003/03/24 20:46:38
He tows his trailer to the parking lot in the middle of the wholesale meat district called New Market Sq. in Boston in the morning. This ancient gentleman plies his lunch only trade Monday through Friday. It must be up to 7 or 8 bucks a pop now, but it is worth every penny. Get in line and you will see that he has steamed your giant kosher knockworst, then split and grilled it on a charcoal fire. He has toasted the bun. At your request he will add his own home made relish or other delightful condoments. The only speed here is in his name. In the winter you can dine in your car, in the summer you can dine on your hood.
Junior Burger
RE: Boston Speed 2004/05/02 19:36:26
Wow! Boston Speed brings back great memories! Thanks, grunkom. I have not been to his cart in sixteen years, and am suprised that he is still in business! What a collosal, kosher dog from heaven that Speed serves,and that relish that is the best I have found.Boston is not really a great city all around for hot dogs, unlike Chicago or New York, but this cart rocks with roadfood street cred. I remember many years ago Speed got a lot of local beantown press for his superb dogs, and because he was a very senior citizen. I'm very pleased that he is still alive and still has a passion for dogs! My next trip to my former stomping grounds will surely include a visit to see Mr. Boston Speed!
Filet Mignon
RE: Boston Speed 2004/05/03 11:32:13
Boston Speed is one of the rare vendors that sells a half pound hot dog.
Double Cheeseburger
RE: Boston Speed 2004/05/03 11:35:21
Last year, Speed had a fire in his cart and it was destroyed. There was some press about it and people donated money I think to buy him a new one. He was going to retire last year, but since people were so encouraging he did say he was coming back. However, so far we have not seen him here in Boston.

we are all waiting with baited breath. And hunger!
RE: Boston Speed 2004/05/04 12:20:30
That is too bad.
Lately my downtown hot dog fix has been cured by using either Joe and Nemo's at Downtown Crossing (Washington St.) or the Cambridge St. location.
Or Code 10, on Washington St. in the South End-really good selection of dogs, including red natural casing dogs.
Please let us know if he does make it back in business.
Junior Burger
RE: Boston Speed 2004/05/04 23:38:26
Thanks to my fellow Speed fans for the update and the link. I truly hope Speed is well and that he makes it back in business. I will be visiting Boston again this summer, and if any if you Bostfooders have any updates on Mr. Boston Speed please let us know. Also, It would be interesting to know if Speed is the oldest hot dog vendor in Boston, if not the nation?
Double Cheeseburger
RE: Boston Speed 2004/05/06 12:59:05
Just got word that Speed is back! Today is his first day back since December as his wife was sick.

Anyone in Boston, today would be a great day to get one of those dogs!
Junior Burger
RE: Boston Speed 2004/05/06 18:37:51
Wow, this is such great news, renfrew, thanks for the instant update to all of us Speed fans! Please keep us posted on any more future Speed news. Looks like my plans will not change to make a pilgrimage to the mecca of the kosher dog in Boston! Thanks again, for keepin' it real!
Junior Burger
RE: Boston Speed 2012/03/08 17:22:22
Stopped by Boston Speeds today on my way to Logan Airport. I've never been a fan of over dressing a hot dog but when the owner said you want one all the way I was hesitant. He listed the toppings quickly " bbq sauce, mustard, relish, onion, chili without beans, hot sauce.." and probably some other things but i figured when in Boston... I would have to say the 1/2 lb dog was huge but delicious. I would say this was probably one of the best hot dogs I've eaten in years. Its not your typical hot dog experience, but well worth the stop. 
John Fox
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Boston Speed 2012/03/09 19:34:54
They've changed the brand of frank that is served here in the roughly 8 years since this thread was last active. Went from a Pearl to a Grote & Weigel all beef. Good dog, but not a fan of all the stuff on it which masks the flavor of a fine dog. Also not a fan of the marinade.