Fresh lobster prices in New England

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Re:Fresh lobster prices in New England 2009/08/11 16:57:38

Question.  A buddy and I would like to have a bunch of friends over on Labor Day weekend and cook up a mess of lobsters.  We are planning on travelling to "somewhere in New England" to purchase said lobsters.  Our goals are to get them as cheap, fresh and by paying as few middle-men as possible.  We'd love to get right from the fisherman if poossible.

My question is does anyone know of such a place?  Are the pick-up truck fishermen as pictured above common?  Could they handle an order of 30-40 1.5 pounders?  Any info would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

hey mjambro!  Got any connections?

We were in Maine yesterday, and saw several guys selling direct, but none were as cheap as the occasional supermarket sale that we see here in Massachusetts. My advice is to post again in a couple of weeks (just before you come up), and see who is offering the deals then.
A few places were doing 9.99 lobster rolls. We paid a little more,,,,,,,$15 at a sit down place with water view inc a bowl of excellent chowder.

Re:Fresh lobster prices in New England 2009/08/12 13:50:39
No connections, sorry.  You might try one of the lobster companies in Galilee, but I'm not sure they will have the lowest  pricing, but call, they might make a deal on a few dozen.  Shaws' $4.88/lb sale ended on Monday.  Stop & Shop is advertising $6.99 starting Friday.  If lobster salad is your thing, Dave's (East Greenwich & North Kingstown) has an excellent lobster salad at their deli counter at $19.95 / lb - You'll need about four 1-1/4 pounders to make a pound of lobster salad (plus preparation, cooking & shelling them).
Re:Fresh lobster prices in New England 2009/08/12 15:51:20
Keep in mind that, at this time of year, most of the lobsters available are "shedders". Thus they have less meat in them than in winter and early spring. Lots of water and shell weight adds up to expensive meat. It'll take 4 or 5 1 1/4 pounders to yield a pound of meat. Even at $5.99 lb., that's about $30 to 37 lb. for lobster meat. Not an economy meal. Delicious, yes! But I'll wait till I can get hard shell lobsters later in the year, thanks.  Good luck in your search.
Re:Fresh lobster prices in New England 2013/10/12 15:03:27
Tommy's Clam Shack in Warwick RI has an ad this weekend showing a steamed lobster with cracked claws & cut tail and drawn butter for $6.99.   For $9.99 they throw in an ear of corn and french fries.
A half dozen little necks in a clam sauce over pasta is just $7.95.
Doesn't get much cheaper.
Live lobsters (1/1/4 - 1/3/4 lb) are being sold for $5.99 next door at Dockside Market. 
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Re:Fresh lobster prices in New England 2013/10/12 15:28:50
Jane---same in Lynn Ma last week  3.99lb
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