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2008/08/01 13:42:35
Here in Santa Fe I've been noticing a lot of shops and carts that sell palettas - frozen fruit bars (I think they also have other names).

Great flavors! Yesterday I ordered one that I pointed at (the salespeople don't speak English, only Spanish). After I ate it a bit I noticed there was a small fruit at the end between the ice and the stick. It was a prune! So it turned out the ice flavor was prune! And good! I think I'll get another surprise in a few days.

Can anyone recommend a flavor?
RE: Palettas 2008/08/01 16:33:59
Tamarindo is great!

So is coconut and banana.
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RE: Palettas 2008/08/03 13:09:38
I'm a limon and mango fan!
Re:Palettas 2009/03/19 14:11:43

Here in Santa Fe I've been noticing a lot of shops and carts that sell palettas - frozen fruit bars (I think they also have other names). snip
Can anyone recommend a flavor?

My favorite is mango followed by coconut and pineapple, some are milk-based while others are water based. It is paleta and not paletta.  Paleta can be defined as a paintor's palette, a spatula or paddle.
Our best friends and neighbors of the past 20 years are Cuban and when they first moved in coming in from Spain, I recall going with them to a picnic in the park  and when the mobile vendor came by ringing his bell selling ice cream, peeled mangos on a stick and paletas among other snacks, our Cuban neighbors laughed out loud to discover that a paleta was a popsicle, because to them and other Caribbean Latinos paleta is the shoulder blade cut of meat from a steer or pork, they also chuckled to find out that what Mexicans call ice cream is nieve because nieve is snow in Spanish, helado is the common term for ice cream in Spanish. Since then they have pointed out many difference in words like mani is peanuts in Spanish most everywhere but Mexico where it is called cacahuate, a duranzo-peach in Mexico is melocoton elsewhere, camote-yam in Mexico is boniyato in the Caribbean and so on and so forth.  I guess it is like the UK and the US, seperated by a common language
Back to paleta, our neighbors taught us how to make fruit shakes in a blender and then freeze them in ice cube trays, they call them duro frios or hard cold ones, sometime they put the fruit shakes in a popiscle mold with a wooden stick and presto, a paleta. they use all sorts of tropical fruits, my wife is Jamaican so she knows all of those fruits as well and now makes paletas herself

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Re:Palettas 2009/03/19 15:23:16
I alternate between tamarindo and coconut.

Love those things!