Beer flavored ice cream

Filet Mignon
2008/08/02 01:37:25
Yes, this is true.

I was in Tara's Organic Ice Cream in Santa Fe today which is known for its delicious and exotic flavors (black sesame, cardamon, white pepper chocolate chip, green chile, etc.) and they listed two new ones: Second Street IPA and Second Street Chocolate Stout (Second Street Brewery is across the street from Tara's).

Now, both flavors weren't available today, so I can't say much more, except: Who among you has ever taste beer ice cream???
Filet Mignon
RE: Beer flavored ice cream 2008/08/02 02:25:56
I recently had a Guinness milkshake in the city at the Burger Shoppe on Water Street near Broad Street. I'm still undecided on it, but leaning towards it not being my thing. Too much of a beer aftertaste for my liking. I wish they had struck a more even balance between the chocolate and beer flavors.
RE: Beer flavored ice cream 2008/08/02 02:28:00
Beer and milk...oooohhhhhh no.......
RE: Beer flavored ice cream 2008/08/06 22:08:53
Not even on a double dare
RE: Beer flavored ice cream 2008/08/07 00:23:37
Never seen them, but I would certainly try them. well at least the chocolate stout one. Not too sure about an IPA and ice cream.
Filet Mignon
RE: Beer flavored ice cream 2008/08/07 21:37:40
OK, so I had a taste of the Chocolate Stout Ice Cream today. Verrrry interesting....It sort of tasted like caramel - and actually had chocolate pieces in it, which was good.
On the other hand, I only had a taste - I don't think I could eaqt "the whole thing."
RE: Beer flavored ice cream 2008/08/07 23:50:40
Now the big question is, have you tried Second Street Brewery's beers minus the ice cream ?
Filet Mignon
RE: Beer flavored ice cream 2008/08/11 14:08:28
Japan seems to have gone even beyond beer with this article in the London Daily Telegraph ( ):

Beef tongue flavour is the hit of Yokohama ice cream festival

The city of Yokohama has marked the 130th anniversary of the arrival of ice cream in Japan with a festival showcasing exotic regional varieties including eel, raw horse, curry, crab and potato.

By Julian Ryall in Tokyo
Last Updated: 8:47PM BST 10 Aug 2008

Yokohama Ice Cream Expo attracted thousands of fans before it closed yesterday (SUN), according to organiser Manabu Matsumoto, who identified beef tongue ice cream from Miyagi Prefecture as the most popular variety.

"We have ice cream from all over Japan – from Hokkaido in the north to Okinawa in the south – but beef tongue has been the one that people keep coming back for," he said.

More than 125 varieties of ice cream have been available in the two week festival, including cheese, octopus, prawn and a garlic variety called Dracula Premium Ice. Another favourite was flavoured with very finely sliced pieces of pearl from the traditional pearl-growing region of Japan's inland sea. Most were selling for between Y300 (£1.42) and Y800 (£3.78) for a small tub.

The majority of the ice creams were clearly acquired tastes, including the beer version, which failed to recreate either the taste or texture of beer.

"We like strange-tasting food," said Keiko Hashiya, 27, who had driven for nearly two hours to sample the ice creams. "I think Japanese people always want to try new things and ice cream is always very popular when it is this hot in the summer."

Many Japanese regions attempt to cash in on local delicacies by producing ice creams that incorporate their tastes, said Matsumoto, who runs an ice cream theme park in Tokyo's Ikebukuro district.

"Japanese people don't always have a dessert after a meal, but recently many Japanese housewives have got into the habit of buying ice cream because it is easy to serve and refreshing in the summer," he said.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Beer flavored ice cream 2008/08/11 14:13:18
I had a "Mocha Stout" ice cream once. I love beer. With a passion. The ice cream was interesting, good even, but I wouldn't try it again.
RE: Beer flavored ice cream 2008/11/03 00:56:26
Very good for conversation, I have tried variations of this concotion, and it is hard to tell. The flavors are there but is it a good combination. It is fun for a try at a party, but not to drink for the night.
Earl of Sandwich
Double Cheeseburger
RE: Beer flavored ice cream 2008/12/09 14:48:43
Aretha Frankenstein's in Chattanooga serves an Irish Cue Ball, a glass of Guiness with a scoop of ice cream. I've never had it, it intrigues me, but not sure I'd want one given the chance.
Filet Mignon
RE: Beer flavored ice cream 2008/12/09 17:29:41
In a similar vein--one day when i was living in Jamaica,a friend handed me a glass full of what looked like iced coffee---"Tiki, man---some Dragons milk to cooly you day!" he said--so i took it--because every other thing he handed me was delicious--well it was refreshing---when ui asked what it was he told me that it was a mixture of Dragon Stout--a Jamaican stout--and sweetened condenced milk over ice. I became a big fan of this on a hot humid tropical afternoon.
The Travelin Man
Filet Mignon
RE: Beer flavored ice cream 2008/12/10 00:57:02
I have tried both the Guiness and Shiner Bock flavors of ice cream in the Austin-area location of Amy's Ice Creams. They tasted OK, but as the punchline to the old joke goes "I don't think I could take 20 dollars worth of that!"
Junior Burger
RE: Beer flavored ice cream 2009/05/03 02:24:06
Though I'm a huge ice cream fan, I'm not generally a beer drinker. Yet, I am intrigued by this concept. In fact, just the other week I was offered a sip of a "beer float", and actually tried it. Alas, it was just a trick. It was just a regular old root beer float. Perhaps my disappointment is a sign that this is genius, and I should really try it?