Desserts, etc. in NYC

Filet Mignon
2008/08/07 00:12:54
I just came across this website
that mails "traditional" NYC items. One "floor" (the pretend they are an old-fashioned department store like Macy's - or B. Altmans, Gimbels, other RIP's) that sells desserts and confections (now there's an old word for you) I think it's hit or miss.

I agree with these:
Chocolate covered marshmallows, Black and white cookies, Junior's cheesecake, maybe Bazzini nuts, Egg creams, Junior's Rugelach, and - now - cupcakes. The utensils (ice cream scoop, sundae dish) are OK, too.

But some seem just a "sell."

Old timers, what do you think?
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Desserts, etc. in NYC 2008/08/07 08:09:08
As I said on another thread, the thing I miss most not living in the NYC area is a good "hard roll" & it's not available on that list.

I can see thousands of these items being shipped to ex-pat NY'ers as holiday gifts/care packages.
RE: Desserts, etc. in NYC 2008/08/07 08:27:16
Don't see much here you can't get many other places...even the ingredients for an egg cream are readily available!!
RE: Desserts, etc. in NYC 2008/08/07 08:54:22
Makes me a little nostalgic for New York -- maybe I need to go visit the family....!

As leethebard mentioned, many of the items are available in other places -- the Wegman's closest to me (in Virginia) has good black and white cookies.