Judge Bean's

TJ Jackson
2003/10/29 19:02:29
Anyone remeber a restaurant in either Texas (not sure of the city, sorry) or in Aspen Colorado?

I worked there for about a year, was really my first experience with tex-mex cuisine, and this was about 20 years or so back.

The owner's name, honest to god, was Johnny Walker. The name was a takeoff on Judge Roy Bean
mayor al
Fire Safety Admin
RE: Judge Bean's 2004/01/23 17:47:20
NBC TV in Louisville Just had a story (5:45pm Friday ) that Judge Roy Bean's restaurant in Louisville has closed.
Junior Burger
RE: Judge Bean's 2004/01/25 22:10:44
Would you believe this? I ate at a Judge Roy Beans in Edinburgh, Scotland about four years ago. Quite good. Maybe it was just the change from all the Scottish food.