doo dads

Junior Burger
2008/08/17 17:00:36
I too absolutely LOVED Doo Dads and I emailed Nabisco last year asking to bring them back. Maybe if we all inundated them with our requests to bring them back, they would have no choice!! Also, anyone remember Chipsters? Loved them back in the 1960's also.
Russ Jackson
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: doo dads 2008/08/17 17:02:50
I will do it. They were my favorite...Russ
RE: doo dads 2008/08/19 13:13:21
Never heard of doo dads.
Junior Burger
RE: doo dads 2008/09/05 23:51:10
Never heard of them until years ago our office had a holiday covered dish lunch, where folks put lots of time into their favorite holiday dish,and my car-pool friend brought a box of "Doo-dads". He continued to bring those every time.... Not sure they ever got opened (now that I think about it, maybe it was the same box)....
RE: doo dads 2008/09/06 03:36:28
They were the precursor to Chex Mix and tasted a heck of a lot better. The snack items were, in my opinion, a better selection, as well. As I recall, they were faced with people making them at home when the Chex cereal people started putting a recipe on the boxes instructing '70s folks how to make them. Of course this was a marketing vehicle. One box of each three cereals were required, even though only a cup of each type was needed. Not too long thereafter, DooDads changed their seasoning and packaging. By that time, Chex had started creeping onto store shelves in an already-made incarnation which is what we basically know today. DooDads died and I mourn the loss. Nothing can compare, to me, with what they were.