I finally got there

Filet Mignon
2008/08/18 16:23:56
I finally got to try the "Ice Cream Factory" at 455 Park Ave in Worcester, Mass. I had heard that they were good, but they are on the other side of the city, don't have soft serv, and some other very good places are closer.

They are attached to (and possibly owed by?????) Peppercorns restaurant, which has been around for years. The Ice Cream Factory is in a new, small, building up against the parking lot. They have just 2 inside and 2 outside tables, and were not especially busy during our visit. (not enough work for the 2 girls, but too much for 1)

The ice cream is home made, but the toppings are not. I know, because the spare cans of topping (a top brand) is clearly seen from the inside ordering station.

They have the standard flavors, plus some oddballs like coconut, or cinnimin. A 2 scoop sundae is $4.99. It is larger than the 3 scoopers served at the competition. They serve the regular sundaes like my hot fudge, but they also serve a special one named after each of the local colleges. The ice cream itself is creamy, dense, and not too sweet. It reminds me a lot of the Cold Stone product, before the mixin abuse. This place does not do mixins.

I am surprised that they are not busier.
Filet Mignon
Re: I finally got there 2016/07/26 15:15:17
Well, update time.
I was looking for a thread for another ice cream post, and noticed this.
They closed, to be replaced by Wormtown Brewing, which became VERY popular. Wormtown moved into a much larger location. Maybe ice cream will be back.
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Re: I finally got there 2016/07/26 15:17:38
Madulka's Ice Cream now in their 3rd or 4th year, has the best soft serv in Worcester. They have a deck overlooking the lake, and unlike so many other local places have not switched to a cheaper mix. www.madicecream.com
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