Mulberry Street in Manchester CT

Junior Burger
2008/08/20 11:22:50
Over the past four years this little pizza shop has captured a very loyal following for their creative, thin crust pies.

With so many other pizza places in this area including a mall location for the Frank Pepe's chain ...their popularity in this market has suprised many people...but all the food is scratch...the owners, husband and wife, both cut their teeth with long stints at Cavey's (8yrs and 22 years)...and their ability to produce high quality food is evident.

They are hands on and you can;t eat without one of them comming over to engage you about where you are from, what you like to eat, how are the kids...Yankees or Red Sox?

About two weeks ago...after about six months renovation...the little take out place opened a new location (closing the old one) about a half mile away right in the middle of the heart of Manchester's Main Street (in the old Cafe on Main site).

I ate dinner there a few nights ago and have to tell everyone how terrific it was.

It is sandwiches, salads, lot's of wings, a few pasta's and even a rib eye steak...but it is a pizza shop.

The cheese pizza...made in very old Blodgett stone ovens moved from the original location...were absolutely wonderful...dough, tomato and cheese all in the right proportion...nice lattice effect on the cheese with a charred edge.

I had a plate of pulled pork BBQ sliders as well and while probably not smoked in a traditional way...these were terrific...they put the pulled pork on a pizza as well...the Backdraft ...which appears to abe somewhat of a signiture item.

They still seem to do a ton of take out and delivery but the place has about fifty seats in new black and red booths mahogany stained chairs.

While it's new ambiance makes it look a bit more substantial than other pizza has a very local home town feel...with a great bar and old style tavern appeal...full of families and politicos, business people, construction reminds me of Doyles in Boston (JPlain)...

I'm going back again very soon