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Double Chili Cheeseburger
2008/08/21 12:46:53
Anyone tried any of these yet?
RE: M & M's Premium 2008/08/21 17:08:46
No. In fact I don't think I have seen them if they are new. What I have been buying is M&Ms Peanut with dark chocolate instead of their traditional milk chocolate. That's healthier you know.
RE: M & M's Premium 2008/08/21 22:29:49
Originally posted by cavandre

Anyone tried any of these yet?

I've tried all of them. Target had the best deal on them at $3.99 (most other stores are $4.50 to $5.00).

First thing to note is that they have no crunchy shell.

They are colorful, they have this metallic painted coating though, but it's not really sweet. Kind of like that waxy coating on Junior Mints ... it takes a moment to get to the flavor.

I didn't like the fakey raspberry in the Raspberry Almond. There was a chocolate almond as well, but it was really no different that the regular M&Ms Almond (except no candy shell) that it hardly seemed worth the extra money.

The triple chocolate was interesting, but again, it was hard to discern the different chocolates ... I didn't think they were extraordinary.

The mint one was good though, I liked the white chocolate center, it was a like a decadent meltaway (but with no trans fat).

THe mocha was also interesting, I love coffee and chocolate and no one else makes something like this. The chocolate is soft and fudgy. It was the one that disappeared first, so I must have liked it.

Here's some up close photos:

Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: M & M's Premium 2008/08/21 22:56:07
Thanks cybele. We have that same problem of "disappearing" M&M's in our house. I blame it on the cats!
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: M & M's Premium 2008/09/05 11:27:08
I don't predict a long lifespan for these. The chocolate taste is rich, but for some reason I like the cheaper chocolate they use in regular M&M's better. And there's no crunch! How can you have an M&M with no crunch?

Maybe they'll catch on, who knows. But not with me.
Junior Burger
RE: M & M's Premium 2008/09/05 11:48:03
I gave them a try. They are certainly pretty and the mocha wasn't bad at all. But basially I agree with danimal15 -- an m&m without the crunch just isn't an m&m in my book.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: M & M's Premium 2008/09/05 19:31:23
I tried the mint flavored ones last week, and the mocha ones today. Both were pretty good.

I think if they want to improve on the product, all they have to do is keep the pretty-colored shell but make it as thick as a regular M&M--and keep the interesting flavors.

As has been said above, an M&M without the crunch just isn't a M&M. Amen.
RE: M & M's Premium 2008/09/05 22:00:55
I clean a few houses throughout the week and just tried the new Dark choc M and M's. I really didn't like them but kept eating them anyways. I prefer regular or peanut m and m's. Before I knew it half their bowl was gone. I was laughing to myself. I would never steal anyones money or peek in their drawers (ok, maybe I peeked once) but leave some candy out or some brownies and it's fair game LOL More than once I've had to say....."I hope you don't mind but I um, had one of your brownies" LOL