Poky Sticks

Junior Burger
2008/08/27 14:03:49
Has anyone out there tried Poky Sticks? There a Japaneese made biscuit stick covered in chocolate, (they also come in strawberry and almond flavors.) I get them at a local Wal Mart, (in Auburn Hills,MI)
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Poky Sticks 2008/08/27 14:19:17
Love em. I was introduced to them back in the 80's when I lived in Japan. when I came home they were a bit tough to find anywhere other than an Asian grocery store. Now I've noticed many grocery stores carry them. Safeway, Hy-Vee, Whole Foods, even 7-11 and Quickie-Mart.
RE: Poky Sticks 2008/08/27 14:22:59
My daughter loves these...got a bunch in the anime section of a FYE store...tried some...the strawberry is delcious!!!!!
tia dalma
Junior Burger
RE: Poky Sticks 2008/09/26 13:34:11
It's Pocky, and you can get it Japan at Epcot too.