Original Brick Pizza's wings - Cary NC

Double Cheeseburger
2008/08/27 17:48:43
This place recently opened near me on chatham Street and has some of the best wings we have had in some time. You can order them either Buffalo style or char-grilled .... char-grilled is the way to go.

They have a great grilled taste and are nice and meaty. The different flavors are mild, medium, hot, BBQ, and honey garlic. We have tried the mild everytime and they have enough heat to please me and not run my wife running for the cold milk. An order of 18 is plenty for us and a couple left over to late nite snack on

Their pizza is really good New York stye as the owner is from Syracuse and talked a friend of his into coming down and opening up with him. Very generous with toppings as well.


Dennis in Cary
Baah Ben
Filet Mignon
RE: Original Brick Pizza's wings - Cary NC 2008/08/27 18:14:51
Where's Cary? On the Eastern side? So they are using both their deep fryer or their brick oven? I wish them well..You must be thrilled to have them. Now, the town has to keep them.

In So Florida, Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza does theirs in a brick oven, too..Fresh rosemary, balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Pretty amazing, too.
RE: Original Brick Pizza's wings - Cary NC 2008/09/12 03:14:34
Ben, judging by his profile Cary is in North Carolina.
Double Cheeseburger
RE: Original Brick Pizza's wings - Cary NC 2009/03/20 21:07:05
We were both craving wings before the Hurricanes faced the Islanders tonight so I called on THE place for wings. Original Brick Pizza offers wings off the grill and they are sooo good. We got the special, a large pizza and 24 wings, mild, for $21.95. I added pepperoni to it and it came to $25.48 with tax. 

This is some of the better NY style pizza around here and their wings are the best we have had. They have a nice crust with out having all the breading on them. I have made my wings on the grill and they are close to OB's.

They also deliver in the Cary area.

Dennis in Cary