Trolli Brite Crawlers vs. Sathers Night Crawlers

Junior Burger
2003/10/31 18:08:25
As a kid, I remember really liking Trolli Brite Crawlers - gummi worms that are sour and covered in sugar. I recently got some Sathers Neon Night Crawlers, that look the exact same. It's been a long time (probably at least 8 years) since I've had the Trolli Brite Crawlers, but I remember them being delicious and one of my favorite candies, but these Sathers Night Crawlers are only good, not great or better. Does anyone know if they still make Trolli Brite Crawlers? Or how they actually compare to the Sathers crawlers?


I got some Trolli Brite Crawlers (glad to know they still make them) and did the comparison. The Trolli Brite Crawlers are a LOT softer than the Sathers Crawlers. That's the biggest difference. They taste a little different, in Trolli's flavor, but it's not that big of a difference - it's most noticeable on the blue/pink ones as with Sathers if you just eat half it's not very good. With all the other colors, half or whole they're all good. But yeah the big difference is the softness of the candy.