Uncle Smiley's Big Oink

2008/08/31 14:59:13
Recently I had a chance to try the "Big Oink" breaded pork tenderloin sandwich at Uncle Smiley's Family Restaurant in Crawfordsville, Indiana. It's advertised as being 5 ounces and I'm sure it was all of that, and it's served in an ordinary white bun with lettuce, tomato, and Miracle Whip-style dressing (I got mine with just the dressing). It was hot and good, not breaded to death, and the homemade potato chips were also quite tasty. I'll leave it up to the BPT experts to make the final determination of its worthiness, but I liked it and it was way better than the other BPT I had earlier in the day. The light was fading but I managed to get 1 shot:

Uncle Smiley's is a pretty nondescript place (no counter, and seat yourself) and when I was there at about 5:30 on a Wednesday (the special that day was Beef Manhattan) I was easily the youngest paying customer there - and I'm only a couple of months away from 45. Furthermore, it seemed like everybody there knew each other, as conversation was being exchanged between tables and when a couple of people came in the waitstaff and other customers greeted them. It was almost "Cheers"-like!

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RE: Uncle Smiley's Big Oink 2008/08/31 15:32:22
Uncle Smiley's sounds like my kind of place. Brad, when you go in a place like that just say hi and strike up a conversation. I would be better if they had a counter. Everyone talks to each other at a counter. I've had a couple of e-mail recommendations for this place and it is on my future's list. Just so many places you can go.

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RE: Uncle Smiley's Big Oink 2008/08/31 21:05:06
I was hoping for a counter so I could do just that, but the basic layout is booths on the walls and tables elsewhere with enough space in between to make it awkward to start chatting with the neighbors. I had planned on taking a few photos of my dinner but I didn't feel comfortable using a flash so that idea was scrapped.

As an aside, the Crawfordsville Holiday Inn is an older facility with exterior doors and my room's floor-to-ceiling front window reminded me of the motels my family stayed in when we drove from Illinois to Florida in 1975. Kind of neat, really.
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RE: Uncle Smiley's Big Oink 2008/09/01 02:42:46
What is beef Manhattan?
RE: Uncle Smiley's Big Oink 2008/09/01 03:32:03
Good question. I don't know and since I was there for a reason I didn't think to ask, but someone at a nearby table ordered it and from what I could tell it's topped with brown gravy. An open-face sandwich of some sort, perhaps?
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RE: Uncle Smiley's Big Oink 2008/09/01 17:25:33
Beef Manhattan (here in Indiana)

White bread (on Bottom)
sliced Roast Beef
Mashed potatoes (on top of the beef)
Brown gravy (over all)