Junior Burger
2008/08/31 18:12:34
I remember going to Goody's Hamburger stand in Saddle Brook, NJ back in the late 60's. It was on Rt. 46 just outside the Saddle Brook Drive In Movie Theater and a NJ (outdoor) State Inspection Station. Everyone either ate in their cars or brought the burgers home. Most ate in their cars or stocked up and then went to the drive-in. The burgers were OK and so were the fries, I remember a really good orange drink. Now the Goody's is long gone so is the drive-in and the inspection station. Now there is a Walmart and a bunch of other stores in a large strip mall along with a McDonalds. I want my Goody's back!
Junior Burger
RE: GOODY'S 2008/10/04 22:28:06
you want your goody's back i want my howdy's back

nice to know i'm not the only who misses their chilhood burger joint of the 60's
RE: GOODY'S 2008/10/04 23:30:59
Mine was the (now, long gone) Central diner in Cedarhurst on Long island. 2nd choice: Schorr's in Hewlett. Also on Long Island.
RE: GOODY'S 2008/10/04 23:56:07
UNCAJOE, Welcome to roadfood. Nice to have another NE Pa guy aboard.