700 chickies

2008/09/01 03:12:49
Foodbme told me to post these pics here instead of where I had them so more people could enjoy them, so here they are the pics of our cook.
We only did 700 this year last year we did 1500.


Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: 700 chickies 2008/09/01 05:09:22
Didnt have that planned out too well did you? Do you use all the equiptment all year long or just for this occassion. Imagine being able to park that beast in the tailgat area of a stadium or ball park and see how many peiple you could attract! The smell of all that chicken cooking must go for a mile!
Fire Safety Admin
RE: 700 chickies 2008/09/01 05:34:03
Now that is what I call a grill!!. Looks very tasty and it also looks like a lot of work.

Great job.

Paul E. Smith
Knoxville, TN
RE: 700 chickies 2008/09/01 09:27:59
Boomer, Looks great.

What was the event?
What was the trailer with the lids used for?
RE: 700 chickies 2008/09/01 09:32:59
Wow....that is some setup and a lot of good looking chicken. Please explain the situation that put all of that there!!!
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: 700 chickies 2008/09/01 09:41:07
That is wonderful looking chicken. Is that vinegar in the jugs on the table?
RE: 700 chickies 2008/09/01 17:13:37

Looks great, my local legion does a chicken dinner like this every quarter, we use half barrels, I would love to have rig like this tho.
John A
Filet Mignon
RE: 700 chickies 2008/09/01 17:25:22
Wow, what a rig. Nice job on the cook & pictures.
Double Cheeseburger
RE: 700 chickies 2008/09/01 17:30:24
Captain Kirk: "Scotty, I need more coals!."
Scotty: "Captain, I'm giving you all she's got!."
Captain Kirk: "Scotty, use the leaf blower."
RE: 700 chickies 2008/09/01 17:36:15
Man, what a sweet setup and operation! Thanks for sharing them behind the scenes pics...
RE: 700 chickies 2008/09/01 20:27:37


Thanks for all the kind things you had to say in
your posts much appreciated. I will try to answer
your questions the best I can. The event is held
every year by the owner of the heavy equipment,
it is free of charge. Mostly senior citizens attend.
The meal is 1/2 chicken,rolls,rosemary potatoes,
mac salad, cantalope and watermelon, beer and birch
Yes that is vinegar we always use it to marinate
the chicken before we throw them on.
The covered cooker can do 300 halves at a time the
smaller one 180. Last year we did 2 cooks on each
which is almost 1500. We use it for big cooks that
is all. We have other cookers also. I work M to T
Fridays I teach welding. The students built a pretty
big cooker. It took them a while but they really
enjoyed all the work. They all got good jobs when
they graduated this year which is important to me.
The following are pics of the new rig. It has 4-20 amp
circuits, 2 40 x 24 2 inch thick cutting boards. The
ribs in the pics were made in it. I have only done
three cooks on it so far. I am planning on a roof and
just got finished with mounting 10 5 inch thermometers.
The giant pepper holds 184 stuffed jalepenos.

Thanks for your kindness

Double Cheeseburger
RE: 700 chickies 2008/09/01 20:34:09
Wow! That is an amazing set up, and love the Jalapeno Holder!
RE: 700 chickies 2008/09/01 20:59:51
Looks awesome!!!
Filet Mignon
RE: 700 chickies 2008/09/01 21:32:04
Amazing! Simply amazing. And for a good cause to boot! Take a bow for some extraordinary work and pictures to capture the event.
ann peeples
RE: 700 chickies 2008/09/02 11:08:25
I am not sure what looks best;frankly it all looks great.My stomach actually is growling now.Thanks for the wonderful report.
Russ Jackson
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: 700 chickies 2008/09/02 11:34:13
Two of the most impressive set ups I have ever seen. Amazing, A pleasure to view...Russ
RE: 700 chickies 2008/09/02 11:43:34

In other words....Speechless.
RE: 700 chickies 2008/09/02 12:44:43
Have you considered turning your Grill building skills into a Business? I'm sure there's a market out there for these FANTASTIC Grills and Smokers!! (Told Ya you'd get more viewers here!)
Filet Mignon
RE: 700 chickies 2008/09/02 13:40:07
That sure is great looking food and equipment, Boomer.

In the second photo, there are three lids on the cooker on the right side, that close to the right. Then there is a space with two metal plates, and then there are lids that close to the left. What is under the two metal plates in the middle?
written by Boomer247
The following are pics of the new rig. It has 4-20 amp circuits...

What are the four twenty amp circuits for? The lighting?

It sure must be handy to know how to weld if a fellow has a hankering for a big BBQ rig!
RE: 700 chickies 2008/09/02 19:12:16
Road food

You road food people are way too kind I am sure you
all have your little niche' with food.

Thanks Foodbme for your help and for the kind comments
Also for the comment about building cookers. I have
posted some pics of my best buddies rig from Kansas.
Now he is the real deal. His rig is just STUPID.
Also pics of the trailer we started with.

MiamiDon It has 4-20 amp circuits for the lights,
A hobart meat slicer, a bevair, and ya gotta have music.
The part of the other grill you talk about is storage
we can do 300 halves as it is right now. If the guy
would have scrapped the storage compartment you could
have done 400 halves at a time. Each compartment holds
50 chickens on the grates.

Take Care Boomer

Double Cheeseburger
RE: 700 chickies 2008/09/02 19:41:29
I know others have said it but you should really get into the biz of selling some rigs even if part time.

Very impressive.
RE: 700 chickies 2008/09/02 19:44:11

Here is the pitt we made bigger ten years ago. And
some pics of the Pitt with the cutting boards on.
They are 40 x 24 x 2 and are on both sides of the Pitt

Take Care

RE: 700 chickies 2008/09/02 19:51:46
Absolutely fantastic!
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: 700 chickies 2008/09/02 20:46:24
Whoa!!! It looks like youre going into battle with all that heavy gear!
I have never seen the like of the pepper holders. Is the design patemted? If not ill pet you could make a fortune just selling those.
Way to go there Boomer, you have me impressec to the max!
Junior Burger
RE: 700 chickies 2008/09/02 21:48:24
so where is the cook out and how can we support the students?
RE: 700 chickies 2008/09/02 22:38:11

This is the post I did after mom passed in April it should
explain about the pepper cooker,the cooker and the students I taught
last year.

I haven't been on here for a while and it is good to be back. Mom recently passed away and it was a little rough for me. The students at the vo-tech wanted to cheer me up so they made me a big and little ABT Smoker. The big one has 184 holes in it. They were going to make a square one they told me but a 10th grade student took the plasma arc program home one night and made a program up to look like a chili pepper. The end result is below. The other pics are the cooker that will finally be put on the trailer that we finally finished and got inspected, yesterday, wow what a pain. The weld picture is of a box that a student is making he calls a weight box to put on his tractor. A couple more gun cabinets that the students made that they carpeted inside. Yesterday my old employer sent us 15 ton of steel so the students can make more projects for themselves and practice welding on.

Just wanted to share one more thing with you guys that got me choked up a bit. When mom passed former students and present day students all came to pay respects to mom. To know that I touched a young man's life enough to take time out on a Sunday to pay respect to a woman that they never met, but because it was out of respect to me is a feeling I can't describe here in words. When they approached Mr. Bradley the other welding instructor to ask if they could attend my mothers viewing he told me he had to walk out in the hallway because he was so touched.
You will never know what that meant to a son to see respect being paid to his mother like those young men did that night.