Once in awhile..

Double Chili Cheeseburger
2008/09/01 06:10:35
Kroger scores on there premiun Private Selection brand. We got some deli slced(packaged) smoked pepper beef.. It was delicious. Not too dry but 100% lean. I wonder if it was like the pepper loaf thats a prosessed meat. It ememinded me of the turkey pastrami only beefy tasting. Gobbled it down in 1 sitting(8oz pack)
RE: Once in awhile.. 2008/09/01 17:30:09

smoked pepper beef and pepper loaf are two seperate animals

smoked pepper beef is usually a smoked beef roast that is sliced (like roast beef)

where as pepper loaf is a processed meat product (like old fashioned loaf)

both have the pepper coating and are good, but the smoked pepper beef should be "grainy" like roast beef.

Does this help?