Bunsen Burger's and big Bob's Burgers

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2008/09/05 12:33:34
For those in the San Antonio,Tx area, there is going to be a couple of new burger places opening up in October. Local Chef Bob Russel is opening Big Bob's Burgers in the old John the Greek place on Harry Wurzbach down near Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery. I spotted the sign when I went to take my parents flowers at Fort Sam
Cemetery Labor Day.
This was mentioned in the Food Section of Wensday's San Antonio Express News. The Express News also mentioned thatKevin Cacy,whose mother owns Ilelong Gardens, a Thai restaurant I think is opening up a hamburger joint next to Ghengis Khan Mongolian BBQ on Walzem.
The name of his new place is Bunsen Burgers, and it has a 50s science fiction theme, and the help is going to go running around in lab coats.
RE: Bunsen Burger's and big Bob's Burgers 2008/09/05 13:02:00

I always look forward to your posts. Although I have been in Bandera for 8 years, for the 25 years before that I lived in the area between Windcrest and New Braunfels - I still know lots of people there and it feels like home. Thanks for the local reports! My wife still works in UC by the Fire Dept. and I let her know your tips on eating spots. I'll have to add those two places to the list of ones to try.

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RE: Bunsen Burger's and big Bob's Burgers 2008/09/08 09:16:09
Thanks Mark.Glad to be of service. By the way, Saturday I drove down Pat Booker, and the former Richter's Cafe, is now a Filliopino place, but I forgot the name of it.Anyhow, it was packed.I think they call it Mei Kwan or something.
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RE: Bunsen Burger's and big Bob's Burgers 2008/10/09 04:03:04
Hi Everybody! I am opening the doors to Bunsen Burgers in San Antonio, Texas this Saturday! I will have a full menu up soon at bunsenburgers.com, so please check it out when you get a moment.

We will be baking our own buns and will be starting out with a Sourdough Bun and a Flaxseed Bun.
We are also grinding our own beef and making everything from scratch, including our Spicy Chorizo Chili!


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RE: Bunsen Burger's and big Bob's Burgers 2008/11/17 09:47:41
Hey for you San Antonio local folks, I ate at Bunsen Burgers Saturday.
It was very good. The burgers you can get cooked the way you like. I got well done or medium well, can't recall which.But the burger was juicy, and cooked through but not burnt to a crisp or tough.Was very nice.The buns are definetly homemade, and the sweet potato fries were not greasy at all. Both they and the regular potato fries were from real potatoes.I had blue cheese on my burger, but you can get other kinds as well. Their sign blew off the building, with the heavy winds we had the other night, and they were getting a new one.So it is next to the Ghengis Khan Mongolian BBQ. Bunsen Burgers is small and just starting out, but the food is very good. They even make their own chili, so,I may try the chili cheese fries next time.