La Carreta (Nashua, NH)

2008/09/13 07:49:55
Not sure if one could expect to find great Mexican food in NH, but you can.
I have been to La Carreta on Daniel Webster Highway (just north of Tully VW/BMW) a few times and every time it has proven to provide fast service, fresh tasting food all in a very clean environment.
I had the chile relenos (sp?) last night with an ice cold Pacifico and it was great.
On other occasions I have had the burrito grande (12"x3") which is packed with beans, rice, meat & lettuce) as well as the fajitas. I like how the have haddock fajitas there and not just the standard chicken, meat or shrimp. The haddock fajita is highly recommended.
My wife really enjoyed the margarita that she had and her only complaint was that the pico de galo was too hot for her.
For a family of 4 to eat there with two appetizers and a couple of drinks for the adults it ended up being $55 without tip. We also had quite a bit to take home which some has made its way into a mexican omlette this morning.
Overall I would suggest trying this place out if you find yourself in the Nashua, New Hampshire the way...when we left at 7:45 last night...there were still about 30-40 people waiting to get in.
Junior Burger
RE: La Carreta (Nashua, NH) 2008/11/09 19:59:20
I will second this recommendation. As a frequent traveler to Cozumel Mx. I find La Carreta to be the most authentic Mexican I have had in the Northeast. Lunch can be had for not much more $ than fast food trash. Service is friendly and quick.
Junior Burger
RE: La Carreta (Nashua, NH) 2009/07/02 15:45:37
Have eaten at the Nashua location many times - it is very good.  There was( and may still be) a location in Manchester as well.
RE: La Carreta (Nashua, NH) 2009/07/05 22:00:33
Interesting name as in Metro Miami including at the Miami airport there are several locations of a Cuban restaurant named La Carreta, the wagon.
Filet Mignon
RE: La Carreta (Nashua, NH) 2010/09/28 17:30:35
Filet Mignon
RE: La Carreta (Nashua, NH) 2010/10/29 07:44:20
I tried the one in Derry ... It was superb.
There is one in Keene as well (and, I think Manchester).  I know, it is approaching chain status -- yet if all chains were this good, none of us would have problems with them.
Junior Burger
RE: La Carreta (Nashua, NH) 2011/01/26 15:39:37
There are two far better options for Mexican in Nashua....Tacos Colima and El Tapatio.  El Tapatio is actually in Merrimack but very close to the town line.
Junior Burger
RE: La Carreta (Nashua, NH) 2011/01/26 16:34:16
I agree that La Carreta is the best Mexican food in the northeast.  I use to go there all the time when I lived in Nashua.  Service is outstanding, portions large,  and margaritas tasty.  This is a 5 star place for a little dinero.
Filet Mignon
RE: La Carreta (Nashua, NH) 2011/01/26 19:10:53
Good to know ... I found 2 more La Caretta's ...
Now, shoregal, (welcome to RF, nice contribution)  I traverse Derry, Londonderry, Salem ... points south and west.
Any suggestions there ???