2 local (WI) places close

2008/09/16 20:48:15
I might be the only person here familiar with these 2 Wisconsin restaurants but as they were independents they deserve a mention.

Marsala Pizza & Italian Restaurant in Stoughton has shut down, and based on what I read on the notice attached to the door and info from a few people in the know it appears to be a bankruptcy situation. They always seemed to be pretty busy and it was our favorite local place for pizza, but apparently there are other factors at work. Now we're left with Pizza Hut, St. Louis Pizza & More, and a smaller local place (limited seating and no beer license) that's been open since last year. Their pizza isn't too bad but the ones I've had could've benefitted from a little less sauce.

The West End Diner in Edgerton has been forced out by higher rent, and based on a couple of letters to the editor the landlord is apparently an out-of-towner. It was a good place for breakfast and some of the seniors liked it as a place for morning coffee.

Hopefully these places will land on their feet but the current economic situation won't make it any easier for them.

Re:2 local (WI) places close 2009/02/16 11:35:48
Marsala's has apparently worked out whatever the problems were, at least to the point that they've been able to reopen.  The St. Louis Pizza place closed a few months ago and in the last week or so Marsala's has taken over the storefront, so last Friday my wife and I went there for pizza.  I don't know what "style" (New York?  Chicago?  Boise?) it is, but it doesn't appear to have changed and we're happy about that.
Not that anyone would actually go to Stoughton for pizza, but it's a decent place to eat if you're already there.
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Re:2 local (WI) places close 2009/02/19 14:46:51
Brad -

Thanks for keeping us up-to-date...much appreciated!