picadilly jelly cookies

Junior Burger
2008/09/17 21:06:32
I will do and go anywhere or anything for a package of these cookies. Surely someone has some idea where to get them. Nancy Downes
RE: picadilly jelly cookies 2008/09/17 21:42:07
Rippin' Good Cookie Outlet Store 420 Oshkosh Street/Hwy 44 Rippon, WI (920) 748- 0293
Junior Burger
RE: picadilly jelly cookies 2008/10/03 12:26:47
Picadilly cookies haven't been made for several years. Rippin Good
brand is now owned by Bremer, Inc. 1475 US Hwy 62 West, Princeton,
KY 42445. Or call Consumer Affairs 1-800-445-8339. I called and was
told there are no plans to make them. Maybe if we get enough people
calling, they'll change their mind. Yes ! I miss them too.