Search for the Best Pizza in Pittsburgh

2008/09/18 17:06:31

Here is an article from today's Post Gazette. Not entirely complete, but a good starter on pizza in da Burg.
RE: Search for the Best Pizza in Pittsburgh 2008/09/18 17:22:58
"Mineo's is the oldest of the Squirrel Hill triumvirate that includes Aiello's and Napoli's and inspires rivalries among customers, even if the businesses themselves have more of a live and let live attitude. Mineo's is probably the most popular of the three, but for pizza alone, I preferred a spinach and onion pie from Napoli's, and I loved the old-school charm of the Aiello's shop"

I love it and miss it sooooo. My vote goes to Napoli's. I was there the day he unlock the doors and couldn't speak english worth a damn. But boy did he make a great pie. I've been looking for something that good since I left the bugh. Right now I'm searching in Charlotte, NC. If anyone knows a place around here PLEASE let us all know about it. You would be G-d.
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RE: Search for the Best Pizza in Pittsburgh 2008/09/20 08:53:42
My sister lives in Squirrel Hill. Three pizza places on the same side of the block. Mineo's use to be the best of the three. We're going back into the 70's. My sister currently likes Napoli's best. They are all pretty good. But, frankly nothing special unless you are living in a place that has nothing special either.

MM - I could recommend a good Italian restaurant in Charlotte we were at this summer, but I have no idea who makes a good pizza there.

For me, like I've just posted, I relished the trips out to Vincent's. JM - Thanks for the story of pizza places in Pittsburgh..Glad to hear Vincents is still going strong!!! Yup, Vincent is a tough guy and not everyone likes his pizza. That place in Mt. Lebanon sounds great.

I've tried the little squared pizzas in a pretty famous place over on the Southside. I beleive it is DiSalas as just mentioned. That sounds very familiar. It was very good. There is also a place coming in from the airport just before one of the tunnels..On the right side. Also very good. Maybe someone knows the names..Sorry. It's been a while. it's Beto's.

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RE: Search for the Best Pizza in Pittsburgh 2008/09/23 00:39:48
My vote is for Aiello's
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RE: Search for the Best Pizza in Pittsburgh 2008/10/02 08:33:07
After the original list which started this thread, the good people of Pittsburgh wrote in with their own suggestions for the best pizza in yinzerland.

Maybe I should check some of these places out.
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RE: Search for the Best Pizza in Pittsburgh 2008/10/04 09:37:44
Aiello's or Mineo's? Difficult to choose between the two but easy the best pizza in Pgh, and as afar as I'm concerned, in the western world. Vinnie's Pizza Park is another of my favorites, and they also have what goes best with pizza, beer. I rarely get back home but since the demise of Chiodo's I have a bit more time to sample my old favorites when it do get back.

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RE: Search for the Best Pizza in Pittsburgh 2008/10/07 15:10:53
Two of my favorites are Vincent's (on Ardmore) and Luciano's in McKeesport/White Oak. Two different types of pizza but both excellent. Luciano's had good Italian too and as a plus, is very close to Dorothy's Homemade Candies. The Vincent's in Irwin has been inconsistent the few times I've been.

I was never a big fan of either Squirrel Hill place, but both have good pies that I wouldn't refuse to eat.

Disalla's has okay pizza (by the cut or pie) but the dumpyness and people make it a must stop whenever I'm in/near the Burgh.
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RE: Search for the Best Pizza in Pittsburgh 2009/03/12 21:11:13
Without question, Franks in Ambridge.  I've had just about all of them around Pittsburgh and still make the drive to Franks!
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RE: Search for the Best Pizza in Pittsburgh 2009/03/13 07:30:52
While I have not tried their pizza, I've heard il Pizzaillo in Mt Lebanon is one to try.