Chicken Festival

Junior Burger
2008/09/24 13:50:45
This weeekend in London,Ky is the "Chicken Festival" with the world's
largest skillet !
RE: Chicken Festival 2008/09/26 10:11:23
Yes, been there, done that. This is next door to the Colonel's home town of Corbin, KY, where Kentucky Fried Chicken was all started. The steering committee for this fried chicken festival in London use the Colonel's image, name and recognition to promote their festival. Unfortunately, the chicken served there in no way resembles the Colonel's famous fried chicken. For one thing it is deep fried in a giant pan or pot, not pressure fried like the Colonel's. And of course the chicken coating at the festival is just plain floured coating, not even close to the special coating for which the Colonel was famous.

Not to say that its not a nice experience, but just don't buy the notion promoted there that the festival is the Colonel's Kentucky fried chicken inspired event.