Thai Iced Tea

2008/09/24 17:53:17
Is it just Iced Tea with Condensed milk?
RE: Thai Iced Tea 2008/09/24 22:33:39
To me,there is a "smoky" thing going on with it.Its not even close to any other sweet tea.I have no idea how the Thais make it,but I'm sure a google search would come up with 6 figures of hits or so.
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RE: Thai Iced Tea 2008/09/25 00:09:59
Well I don't really know the answer, but I'll bet that Thai's don't use Liptons!
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RE: Thai Iced Tea 2008/09/25 00:42:48
I've enjoyed this beverage. Sure would like a recipe.
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RE: Thai Iced Tea 2008/09/25 08:15:15
I lived in Thailand for 3 months, and had a Thai next door neighboor restraunteerfor 7 years. She showed me how to make a lot of Thai food, including Thai tea and Thai coffee.

The tea is pretty regional as far as what tea they use and additional things added in. But nearly all you find in US Thai resturaunts is brewed with a Black Tea variety, strongly brewed, and sweetened with sugar and condensed milk, served ice cold on ice with a final pour of whole milk over the top that's not stirred in. When asked "How much sugar, sweetened condensed milk" she'd reply "what you like" and I never did get anything exact. It looked to be about 1 TBS sugar, 1 TBS condensed milk per glass, then literally just a splash of whole milk over the top. Always whole milk.

She'd talk serious smack about skim milk.

Also, some area's of Thailand will make it with star anise or tamarand added in. The star anise is interesting, didn't care for the tamarind in the tea.
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RE: Thai Iced Tea 2008/10/02 10:43:40
when i go to the asian market i like to get the instant thai tea. it comes in little packets, like lipton soup, just add water and stir. it already has the milk and sugar, and then you can ice it. im sure not as good as restaurant tea, but still quite tasty
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RE: Thai Iced Tea 2008/10/10 20:17:59
I found when I went google for Thai iced tea ingredient. I ordered 1 box of the tea powder and 1 box of teabag. The tea powder gave me a very orange and strong nice tea smell where the tea bag appeared less orange and a milder smell. I like them both. The tea taste just like Thai iced tea in a hanging plastic bag I brought on the street of Thailand. Yummmmmmmmmmmm, Yummmmmm
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RE: Thai Iced Tea 2008/10/10 20:47:36
I'm generally not an iced tea fan, but love (Southern) Sweet Tea and Thai Iced Tea. They couldn't be any more apart---but both are delicious.