detroiters: where in mexican town???

2003/11/07 08:49:55
hey fellow d-towners....question:

where do people like to get mexican in the mexican town area? i have always gone to Xochimilco, but their menu lacks some very basic items (namely tamales) and i guess i'm tired of that place exclusively.

outside of the m-town area, there are a TON of restaurants on vernor. anyone try those? i'm really curious to try one of those places. they don't seem to cater to the drunken gringo hockey fan "im gonna have a mexican beer with a lime" tourist in their own home town crowds that flock to the bagley restaurant area post game....

and then there is this place on woodward called agave that is supposed to be pretty authentic. no taco supremes there.....

Junior Burger
RE: detroiters: where in mexican town??? 2003/12/16 19:07:28
Re: Good "Mex"...
24th Street & Bagley .. MEXICAN VILLAGE CAFE.... Just a short distance from Mex-Town... Good food.. Good prices and family orientated.. Lot's of parking for cars, no semi's.. Not too many drunk gringos either..
RE: detroiters: where in mexican town??? 2003/12/16 22:31:57
Yes, but clothier, darling, he is from west that would explain it.