Salsitas chips

2008/10/03 13:10:31
For a few months now the snack machine here at work has been stocked with[url='']Salsitas Salsa Chips[/url] and they're apparently a good seller. They're nicely spiced (some people would find them too hot) and have a good flavor; one of the better tortilla/tostada chips I've found. And it's a good idea to wash the hands after eating as I can see any residue left on the fingers possibly upsetting the more sensitive parts of the body..." />

Looks like they're pretty widely distributed, although I hadn't seen them before they showed up in the machine.

RE: Salsitas chips 2008/10/03 13:48:51
They also make a really good Guacamole chip!
RE: Salsitas chips 2008/10/07 15:28:33
Based on you post, I bought a bag. They are GOOD! One of the better chips I've tried. I usually prefer flour chips over corn chips but these have a great flavor. I recommend them too!