Exit 23 Truck Stop Albany NY?

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2008/10/07 10:14:28
I was just browsing through the forum, and somewhere I picked up the notion that George's....what used to be the Exit 23 Truck Stop on route 9W....is relocated to Joey's Riverside down in the Port.

Now, a few years ago, in the spirit of roadfood, my husband and I tried Joey's, and I wouldn't recommend it at all. We did, however, frequently patronize George's Exit 23 Truck Stop, which was wonderful, and we were sad when he closed.

Can anyone tell me if it is indeed true whether George of Truck Stop fame did take over Joey's??????

Thank you!
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RE: Exit 23 Truck Stop Albany NY? 2008/10/17 17:47:15

Sorry to hear the Exit 23 truck stop is no more...it was very good and I liked it a lot. I did not go there too much since my exit was 24 back when I was driving truck many years ago. I did love the place though and would alter my route just for the good food there from time to time.

I also drove there in my personal vehicle on my days off. The place was great.

I don't know anything about the new place so I cannot comment about that.

Anyway, welcome to Roadfood SQ!
Junior Burger
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RE: Exit 23 Truck Stop Albany NY? 2009/03/31 21:17:11
I didn't konw before the restauran existed but I'm gald I came across it and waiting for a chance to go there again
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RE: Exit 23 Truck Stop Albany NY? 2009/04/01 08:56:26
Are you sure you gave the correct URL? The site you gave is a software beta site with only bogus ads.
RE: Exit 23 Truck Stop Albany NY? 2010/08/09 19:53:40
Hello everyone, Plaza 23 Truck Stop took over that location about a year and a half and have totally renovated  the place.  You can google them to get the website since I can't post the link yet. Thanks,