Mexican food in Maryland...

Junior Burger
2008/10/07 16:14:41
There really isn't any as far as I can tell. I've lived here about 4 years after coming from the Mexican food capital of the south, Atlanta.
The closest I can find to anything close to Atlanta is Lista's in Pasadena off Mountain Road. Family owned. Very nice folks and the food is quite tasty.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Mexican food in Maryland... 2008/10/07 23:45:17
I had dinner at Mari Luna in Pikesville on Saturday. Reminded me of the 10 days I spent in Sonora last year.

New bigger location opens next week, but I think the original is staying open too.

Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Mexican food in Maryland... 2008/10/08 00:07:21
All that I have found in the Cecil/Harford county areas is the chain stuff, or that which mimics it
Treetop Tom
RE: Mexican food in Maryland... 2008/10/28 15:55:19
You obviously have not been to the "Little Mexico" section of Prince George's County in Riverdale/Hyattsville/Edmonston. If you want authentic Mexican (as opposed to Tex-Mex), my three favorites in the Little Mexico section of the county are:

El Tapatio - 4309 Kenilworth Ave (Seafood soup & BBQ Goat, my fave)
Taqueria Tres Reyes - 5403 Kenilworth Ave
La Sirenita - 4911 Edmonston Rd

All three are noisy, cheap and delicious. There will be a blaring jukebox playing. Lots of dishes with tripe, tongue and goat - don't expect to find jalapeno poppers or steak fajitas. A rudimentary knowledge of Spanish is helpful, but not essential.

If your taste runs more towards Tex-Mex try the Alamo Restaurant at 5510 Kenilworth Ave. Whichever one you go to, skip the dessert and get some baked goods to go at La Fleur de Puebla bakery at 6300 Kenilworth Ave. They have delicious stuff - very traditional Mexican (i.e., not sickeningly sweet) conchas, cookies, coconut cakes etc. I think they may be open 24-hours a day. Just grab a tray and some tongs when you walk in the door and help yourself. If you are there at lunchtime, they make a great torta on their fresh-baked bolillos.

If you like Pollo a la Brasa, try Pollo Fiesta at 6408 Kenilworth Ave. They also serve other solid Mexican fare.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Mexican food in Maryland... 2008/10/28 20:25:33
I need to make it over to Maria Luna. I only live ten minutes away, but I have yet to get over there. They sell ceviche, which is not very easy to find in Baltimore. I also want to try their carnitas on account that pork cooked in lard is always a good thing.

As for Harford County, I hear the little Mexican place on Route 1, La Tolteca, is good and it is not a chain