Tasti D lite demise??

Filet Mignon
2008/10/07 21:37:46
Calling all NYers: My local TastDLites have turned into something else overnight. They are now TastiDsert or something like that. The logo colors are blue and pink now. I am a little afraid to go in and try the "product". Does anyone know what is going on?
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Tasti D lite demise?? 2008/10/08 00:59:58
The Tasti D-Lite outfit was bought out a few years ago. The new owners want to change the old licensed shop format to a franchise. The new owners also came up with a "new look" for the shops. Take a look at this and see if your stores are still on the list:

The name Tasti D-Lite did not change. Blue and pink seem to be the colors of the "new look". If some old owners refused to become franchisees of Tasti D-Lite and went with Tasti D-sert instead, I can't find anthing about Tasti D-sert.
Filet Mignon
RE: Tasti D lite demise?? 2008/10/10 18:38:50
i solved the mystery - or part of it. I have been checking TDL's in NY. Some are fine, still there. But 2 of them - at least (7 Ave & W. 15 St and 6th Ave & W. 10th St) are now called "TLC" or "The Lite Choice."

They are almost the same inside and out as they were in their former life as TDL; The logo is lighter pink and lighter blue; the Kosher signs are there too (new rabbi) and the flavors are similar. I ordered "cookies and cream" today, but it wasn't as good as I remember TDL. No flavor at all, actually, and not as "creamy" (for an artificial "frozen dessert").

I asked the woman at the counter what happened to TDL and she said, rather tersely, "We have a new product."

I wish I knew the "real" story...
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RE: Tasti D lite demise?? 2008/10/11 12:54:14
This blogger was able to document a little bit more about the change:
Someone probably with the company posted two videos on Youtube.

The new product is claimed to be organic, with no HFCS.
Filet Mignon
RE: Tasti D lite demise?? 2008/10/11 14:05:21
Ah-ha! And however did you find the info?

I saw today that the ex-TDL on 14th t/Union Square has also morphed into TLC. I tries a small cone and , yes, it has no taste. It was supposed to be a "chocolate peanut butter" and "oreos" twist, but no difference. They don't even need to bother with different "flavors."

I was on the UWS yesterday (Bway & 86) and I'm glad they are (for now) a true TDL.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Tasti D lite demise?? 2008/10/11 14:27:55
Originally posted by NYNM

Ah-ha! And however did you find the info?

I had to play around with google quite a bit, and also watched the videos. A few search terms that worked were "the lite choice" ice cream, "the lite choice", "the lite choice" tasti, "the lite choice" frozen yogurt.
Filet Mignon
RE: Tasti D lite demise?? 2008/10/13 18:33:52
David et al:

This is from one of my sites, all about the demise of so much of NYC lately.

A few quotes:

As a writer for the Columbia Spectator put it, "Tasti D-Lite is the New York original--not only was the company founded in the city, but it has pioneered a love affair between New Yorkers and fake ice cream." So maybe Tasti is to blame for today's bloody fro-yo wars, in which the originator is not going down without a fight.

If I were forced to root for someone in the fro-yo wars, I guess I'd have to go with the underdog, senior-citizen Tasti. Though they're no longer locally owned, they still bring to mind a scruffy city chain, dingy with the sepia tint of the 1980s, and the inspiration for a famous episode of Seinfeld:
Junior Burger
RE: Tasti D lite demise?? 2008/10/15 13:13:57
Allow me to provide some additional information. The TLC stores are no longer licensed Tasti D-Lite stores. Tasti D-Lite mutually agreed with the owners of these stores to terminate the Tasti D-Lite license agreements. These stores are owned and operated by an independent third party, separate and apart from Tasti D-Lite. The Tasti D-Lite product is not and will no longer be offered at these locations.

We are excited about the future expansion plans for Tasti D-Lite in New York City; especially all of the refreshed locations and our two new flagship Centers located at 60th & Broadway and at the Empire State Building. See this page for more info: http://www.tastidlite.com/index.php/Home/New.html

No Talent
RE: Tasti D lite demise?? 2008/10/15 18:09:25
That web site bored me, It's another new age marketing hype website. What is it ?

It doesn't say ice cream, yogurt etc. It's says "creamy delicious, dairy dessert"

What does that mean ? It reminds me of the early Chevy Vega ads. They never showed a picture of it until it was released to dealers. I guess, to create interest. It didn't work.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Tasti D lite demise?? 2008/10/22 14:40:32
No wonder i couldn't find their website, it's the way they spell Tasti D Lite. In any case, last week in the San Antonio Express News food section on Wendsday, they mentioned this outfit is coming to San Antonio.We had Maggo Moo over in the Forum at Olympia Hills in Selma, and then that was a Magic Igloo, now it's some sort of scrapbook store and also sells beads. Anyhow the TastiDlite wont be close to me that's for sure.
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RE: Tasti D lite demise?? 2008/10/22 20:31:35
From what I have heard 16 Tasti-D-Lite locations have transferred into The Lite Choice (TLC). They carry organic flavors and their nutritional info say's: kosher, lower calorie, low fat and low carb.

I'm just so amazed it took so long for someone to figure out this idea! It SOOO good, everyone should be doing this. It is yummy and healthy, which is something hard to find when you are on weight Watchers. It is just smart not to use corn syrup or preservatives.
We need more stores like The Lite Choice!

Junior Burger
RE: Tasti D lite demise?? 2009/05/21 00:43:56
From all this 'New" frozen experts of pink and all the colors-berries  I stick to the new flavor of the lite choice, for me they are fine creams of fine taste, so far all the flavors have a nice balance of sweetness...yummy!!!
Junior Burger
Re:Tasti D lite demise?? 2009/08/03 17:18:55
To clarify a bit about the newest sensation to come to NYC The Lite Choice.  We are in fact different than any other soft serve, as we only feature All-Natural & USDA approved Organic flavors.  We DO NOT include CORN SYRUP, preservatives or additives.  Our flavors are made with the finest Organic ingredients.
We are the healthiest guilt-free soft serve in NYC as we are also Low Fat, Low Calorie, Low Cholesterol, & Low Carb.  What else is there to ask for.....wait it's also Kosher.
Looking for a specific flavor...no worries...just choose one from our TLC flavor list....and it'll be done instantly without any extra cost!!!
We are still creamy & delicious...now with over 30 Organic flavors to choose from...and 28 locations near you....http://tinyurl.com/mg2s63
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Re:Tasti D lite demise?? 2009/08/03 18:30:44
Now there's a total of 4 "different" posters on this thread: Claudia, churrasco, shoptilludrop22 and tastiblogger.  Each poster owns one single post, each one shamelessly shilling a product.  Here's a tip- that's really a distasteful way of advertising your product, and most people that read this blog are going to be turned off to it.  Do what you wish, I'm not an administrator or anything, but your shameless and transparent shilling isn't going to drive me to your doors, it's going to turn me away.