Greek lunch in St. Louis

the grillman
Double Cheeseburger
2008/10/24 11:49:10
Alright! My wonderful beautful wife just invited me to join her for lunch at a Greek church that puts on Friday lunches as a fundraiser. We've been there before, and it's always enjoyable and a real hoot.

Here's the menu for today. Scroll down....

It's interesting in that it's kind of like a church supper, steam tables, cafeteria line, etc. You sit at community tables, so you get a chance to meet other people.

We love Greek food, and while other places may offer a more refined approach, this is kind of how you've get it at your Greek nana's house. The patitsio is great, it has loaded of ground beef, macaroni, and a lot of greek spices, oregano, cinnamon, cloves, etc. baked under a thick bechamel sauce; the dolmades are also very good. The desserts? Wonderful. Always end up getting more of them to go, to enjoy later. Unforetunately, the gyros aren't usually very good. All in all, a great meal with dessert for around $8.

ann peeples
RE: Greek lunch in St. Louis 2008/10/24 13:24:49
Looks like a wonderful menu-am very jealous!!
Born in OKC
RE: Greek lunch in St. Louis 2008/10/28 07:41:27
The three Greek churches in and around Atlanta all have annual festivals - one of which is a dinner dance that seems attended mostly by members - as do many other Greek churches I've heard about. It would be pretty neat if one of them started having dinners every Friday!
Filet Mignon
RE: Greek lunch in St. Louis 2008/10/28 10:39:09
I love patitsio and order it often. We all had a great one at Three Brothers Serbian restaurant in Milwaukee...
RE: Greek lunch in St. Louis 2008/10/29 13:16:23
When I lived in near Kansas City the Greek Orthodox church would have fantastic Greek festivals with excellent food. My favorite celebration was at Greek Orthodox Easter.....after the Mass there would be a great feast with Marinated lamb roasted on a spit...all kinds of Hellenic specialties...Just Heavenly.
RE: Greek lunch in St. Louis 2008/11/03 00:48:27
Talk to Nadines in Soulard.