Algood, Tennessee Diner

Z66 Butch
2008/11/05 08:31:02
We visited our daughter near Cookeville, Tn last weekend. They had to work on Monday morning when we were going to leave. I ask for a suggestion for a good place for breakfast, a local place of course. They suggested the Algood Diner in Algood Tennessee and that is where we ate breakfast on Monday morning.

I just had pancakes with a side of sausage and it was very good. They were not the light fluffy pancakes but had a heavier, almost cornmeal taste and I liked them. The sausage was OK also. My wife had country ham and egg breakfast. She complained about the ham so I took a taste. I thought it was WONDERFUL! It was the old fashened salt cured ham and was very salty, I like that and she did not. Prices were nothing to brag about but in the normal range. If you are in the area I think it is worth a try!
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RE: Algood, Tennessee Diner 2008/11/06 02:48:28
Been there and as you say prices normal, which I like, and the ham is excellent. Good country ham. You will find cornmeal is added to many a fine pancake in TN.
Now if I could find a good Buckwheat Pancake here.