Sweet Potato Cakes??

Junior Burger
2008/11/12 15:12:17
OK, here it goes... xD;;
My mom's friend said recently her son brought her back from a trip (somewheres in Georgia) something like Mickey's Sweet Potato Pie snack cakes (in the shape of like a half moon, if that helps any... xD). I was wondering if anybody knew if there was a website or something where you could find them?? I've looked for a while, but a set of fresh eyes would be much appreciated.
Reba Jewel
Junior Burger
Re:Sweet Potato Cakes?? 2009/03/15 03:53:43
I've been trying to find them, too! Hopefully someone may have some helpful information. I remember getting these from the store when I was a little girl. They would sell so fast, my big brother would get all of them on the shelf. The last time I remember having one was in the mid 90's and it they would be in our vending machines at work, but didn't last long!
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Sweet Potato Cakes?? 2009/03/15 05:50:28
I dont know if this is what you mean?  At our local grocers(the big chains) theyn have formed sweet pot. patties in the meat section.  It comes packaged on one og the falt white styrofoam meat trays and cello wrapped.  They look like small oarnge burgers.