2003/03/31 11:39:09
Will be in Buffalo for the Frozen Four (no, not a quartet of cones @ Anderson's, but the NCAA hockey championship)...in addition to Anchor Bar, a place called Duff's has also been recommended for wings -- anyone have any knowledge? Besides those places listed on the site, where else is worth considering? Thanks.
Stephen Rushmore Jr.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Buffalo 2003/03/31 17:13:27
Duff's is pretty good. There is obviously a big rivalry with the Anchor Bar, and I have tried both in the same day and confess to like the Anchor. Better tasting and more character.
RE: Buffalo 2003/03/31 17:50:45
The further west you go in NY State, the better the wings get!

Hope you are rooting for the Big Red.

Cornell '67
Junior Burger
RE: Buffalo 2003/04/01 15:00:59
Charlie the Butcher's is legendary for roast "beef on 'weck" sandwiches. So good.
Stephen Rushmore Jr.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Buffalo 2003/04/01 15:09:27
Of all the places in Buffalo, go to Ted's for a charred dog and onion rings. Soooooo good. You can then get frozen custard across the street. It is a Roadfood doubleheader.